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Childlike Faith

I once served as a counselor for third-grade campers at a Christian camp in the North Carolina mountains. It was an especially hot, dry, Carolina July. On the way to arts and crafts, I overheard one of my campers say thoughtfully to another, “I sure hope it rains soon. My grandmother’s garden needs water.”

Immediately his friend let out a confident war cry and began a primitive rain dance. A third child then chimed in, “Don’t be so silly. God’s not going to make it rain just because of your stupid dance.”

Now defiant, the original “rain wisher” made a grand theological statement: “God can do anything He wants to!”

The first step to a childlike heart is the most important one. You must admit that God can do whatever He wants—and that you can’t. It means accepting the fact that you are not in charge of the world, nor of your own life. You can’t be a child and be in charge. You can’t be a child if you are trying to be God.

Excerpted from A Childlike Heart by Alan D. Wright

Daily Reflection:
In what ways can you mold your faith to be more like the faith of a child?

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