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Celebrating 20th Anniversary Edition

Revised and Updated for Today’s Real-World Challenges—Every Man’s Battle

For twenty years, Every Man’s Battle has helped millions of men gain freedom from lust and sexual addictions. This updated, expanded edition offers today’s generation proven strategies for navigating our sex-saturated culture while winning the battle against temptation

This revised and updated edition of the best-selling classic offers

  • Guidance for navigating the #MeToo culture with a godly view of women and sexuality
  • Current insights into the proven connection between porn and sexual dysfunction
  • Critical advances in brain science that show how addiction affects our minds
  • Practical solutions to rein in wandering eyes and lustful thoughts
  • Suggestions for nurturing a marriage filled with vibrant sexual intimacy
  • A clear plan to help you avoid or end addictive behavior and experience lasting freedom

Other books define the problem. Every Man’s Battle offers a practical, biblical plan to experience victory and wholeness.


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