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I Can

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” People often mistake this passag eto mean that for everything we want to have or to do,if we just ask Jesus for it, then it becomes ours for the taking. No. I don’t believe that. The fact is, the “all things” in this versemeans all things that God has assigned us to do, with the help of Jesus Christ living in our lives and being our Lord and Master. That’s what this verse is assuring us that we can do.And when we do what God has made us to do, we are strengthened for it in our body, soul, and spirit. So…I can do all things that God made me to do, that God tells me to do, that God enables me to do—because I know Him as God, I’ve accepted His Son as my Savior, and I have His Holy Spirit living inside my heart.

Excerpted from God Is Not Through with Me Yet by Thelma Wells

Daily Reflection: What has God enabled and strengthened you to do?

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