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“During peacetime, pre-9/11, it wasn’t a popular decision to join the military to protect your country,” says Mark Kramer, “so my decision was sort of validated that day. Adam and I were going around trying to find coverage to call home, and he was right with me, saying, ‘Get us out there¬ólet’s get some payback.’ Adam had this intense love for his hometown and state, which is really what patriotism is. We had both been competitive in sports, talked about the frustration of watching a game from the sideline, so we were hoping and praying that the powers that be would let us go out and do what we were trained to do.”

Kelley, just back from an early morning trip to Wal-Mart for diapers, was holding Nathan tight and watching the news when Adam finally got through.
“It’s horrible,” she said.
“I know,” said Adam. “Pray for all these poor people who are suffering and scared, and you and Nathan stay home. Stay away from the base. Don’t do anything, and I’ll call you when I can.”
“What does this mean for you?” Kelley asked.
“I’m not certain,” said Adam, “but I know now why God led me to do what I’m doing.”

Excerpted from Fearless by Eric Blehm

Daily Reflection:Not everyone is called to fight for their country, but God has given each one of us an individual calling and purpose in this life. How has God called you to serve his kingdom? 

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  • Its true that all we are called differently,to be different, but lets not become different by choice,just to show our difference. We are all human, killing others shows a difference, but that difference to me is not a call from God. Let the difference you have shown through your call acts, in the purpose of God. I may want to read the whole book to see how he has shown his call.

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