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One Perfect Plan

The Bible's Big Story in Tiny Poems

Nancy Tupper Ling

Category: Childrens Books

About One Perfect Plan

A picture book that introduces young readers to the story of the Bible—all in one sitting!—and invites them into God’s great plan.
“Chau’s beautiful, flowing illustrations bring to life the story of the Bible told in Ling’s short rhymes.”—School Library Journal

One Perfect Plan is a fun, accessible retelling of biblical tales through engaging poems by Nancy Tupper Ling—each three to six lines long—and breathtaking illustrations by Alina Chau.

Start with memorable Old Testament stories, from Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood to Daniel and the Lion's Den. Then explore iconic stories from the New Testament including the birth of Jesus, His death and resurrection, and the promise of new life in Christ! Whether at bedtime, during a snack, or even just getting ready for the day, families can get through the Bible's entire story arc and discover God’s redemptive plan for them in a singular read-aloud.

One word—
then light breaks into darkness;
the sky, the seas, and life—how wondrous!

One world—
now broken as sin enters in.
How will our Father restore it again?

One God—
whose plan is perfect and true—
will bring new life to me and to you.


“Chau’s beautiful, flowing illustrations bring to life the story of the Bible told in Ling’s short rhymes. . . . Readers receive an abridged version of the stories of the Bible that, with the art, still adequately convey the enormity and reach of the visions set forth in that literature. . . . This unique and accessible volume deserves a place in religious sections or collections with a demonstrated demand for Biblical stories.”—School Library Journal

“Gorgeous illustrations from Alina Chau and beautiful writing from Nancy Tupper Ling celebrate the beauty of a broken world through the stories of the Bible . . . Beautiful in every way.”—Imagination Soup, 25 Outstanding New Picture Books

“As a pediatrician and father of eight, I have never seen the need for God more than in the lives of growing children. One Perfect Plan helps fill this need by providing memorable Bible verses and kid-friendly artwork.”—William Sears, MD, co-author of The Portable Pediatrician

Product Details

40 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Oct 17, 2023

Trim Size: 8-1/2 x 8-1/2

Carton Quantity: 48

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Through vibrant illustrations and short rhymes, One Perfect Plan poetically presents the entire story arc of the Bible in a way children can understand. In one sitting, they’ll experience God’s redemptive planfrom Creation to the coming kingdomas one beautifully hopeful story with Jesus at the center of it all.