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Since the Baby Came

A Sibling's Learning-to-Love Story in 16 Poems

Kathleen Long Bostrom

Category: Childrens Books

About Since the Baby Came

This charming, playful story-in-verse introduces children to a variety of different poetic forms while walking them through all the twists and turns of welcoming a new baby into the family.

Mama is having a baby.
Everything’s starting to change.
God, can you tell me what happened?
Life is becoming so strange.

Since the Baby Came offers a unique take on a timeless topic. The heartfelt and humorous drama unfolds completely in verse, addressing the full range of emotions a young child experiences when a new baby joins the family—from surprise and confusion to feelings of neglect and jealousy to wholehearted tenderness and affection. The book also introduces young children to the playfulness and fun of various forms of poetry, from senryu to villanelle. 

Look out! It’s a diaper volcano!
Forgive me for being abrupt.
There isn’t much time to explain—OH!
That thing is about to erupt!


“This book gently validates the emotions children experience when a new sibling arrives and offers assurance that all will be well.”School Library Journal

“Samuel’s unlined renderings . . . have a luminous softness that suits [Bostrom’s] combination of playfulness and loving kindness.”Publishers Weekly

Product Details

40 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: May 2, 2023

Trim Size: 8-1/2 x 8-1/2

Carton Quantity: 48

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Since the Baby Came tells the story of a child adjusting to life with a new baby. This playful, comforting tale, told in sixteen different poems, both entertains and reassures children that all their feelings about the new arrival who has rocked their world are normal and okay.

Press Release

Contact: Elizabeth Groening, Publicity & Marketing Assistant

A Sibling’s Learning-to-Love Story in 16 Poems
By Kathleen Long Bostrom; Illustrated by Janet Samuel
A WaterBrook Hardcover | On Sale May 2, 2023

A Charming, Heartfelt Take on a Timeless Topic: Welcoming a New Baby to the Family

From the day a mother announces that there is a new baby growing in her belly, older siblings are bound to experience a wide array of emotions they might not yet understand or know how to express. In Since the Baby Came: A Sibling’s Learning-to-Love Story in 16 Poems (WaterBrook, 5/2/23) award-winning author Kathleen Long Bostrom explores these complex feelings in a story-in-verse writing style that is fun and easy to read.

Older brothers and sisters will find a source of comfort throughout these sixteen playful, heartfelt poems. Whether they connect with the main character’s initial confusion about their mother’s pregnancy, the overwhelming excitement on the day of the new baby’s birth, or the loneliness that comes when their parents are busy with diapers, it is important for older siblings to know that all their feelings about their family’s new smelly, wonderful bundle of joy are normal and okay.
Children will find reassurance in the power of prayer within these pages, as the child talks to God to cope with this major life change.

“Hi, dear God! Remember me?
I need a friend today.

When my thoughts are tangled up,
It helps a lot to pray.”

These calming, relatable verses will comfort young children, while also introducing them to the playfulness of various forms of poetry. The thoughtful verses are further enhanced by beautiful full-color illustrations by Janet Samuel, which amusingly capture moments of surprise and jealousy to tenderness and affection. For friends and family looking for the perfect baby shower gift, or parents looking for a source of solace for their older child, this new picture book is an ideal present that will comfort kids for years to come.
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Kathleen Long Bostrom
is an award-winning author of over fifty books for children. Her books are published in over twenty languages. She is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who now writes full time. As a middle child, Kathy was both the new baby and the older sister who later became a mother of three herself. She knows whereof she rhymes!

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Janet Samuel
is an illustrator who lives in a small town in Wales with her daughter, Alice, and scruffy terrier, Tilly. Janet has illustrated books for many publishers, including Macmillan, Usbourne, Little Tiger Press, Scholastic, and Lion Hudson. She is happiest with a pencil or paintbrush in hand.

For more information, follow @janetsamuel_illustration on Instagram.

Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Family
May 2, 2023 / ISBN: 9780593577684 · Hardcover · $12.99/$17.99 Canada
e-Book ISBN: 9780593577691 · $7.99/$10.99 Canada

Suggested Interview Questions for Kathleen Long Bostrom
1. What inspired you to write Since the Baby Came?
2. As the middle child in your family, how did you feel when your younger sibling was born? Did you draw on those memories to write these poems?
3. As a mother of three, how did you help your older children adjust when you had another baby?
4. Why is it so important for older siblings to be able to identify and share their feelings during this life change? 
5. What message are you most excited for young readers take away from Since the Baby Came?

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