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Life Inside the Thin Cage

A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter

Constance Rhodes

About Life Inside the Thin Cage

Frustrated by the often unrealistic standards of beauty presented by today’s media, many women have become trapped in a never-ending pattern of chronic dieting. Daily they endure destructive self-talk such as “I can’t eat that or I’ll get fat” or “If I could just lose a few more pounds everything would be better.”

Chronic dieters may be any shape or size but they have one thing in common: They are often left to suffer alone with an undiagnosed “sub-clinical” eating disorder. Such sub-clinical disorders include eating habits that are unusual, even unhealthy, but do not fit the technical classifications of anorexia or bulimia.

Addressing the many dimension of “chronic dieting,” Life Inside the “Thin” Cage offers a wake-up call and practical steps to those who need healing. Readers will find personal stories, insights into their secret patterns and habits, reassurance that they are not alone, checklists, self-tests, and, best of all, a new road to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual freedom.

About Constance Rhodes

Constance Rhodes is the founder and director of FINDINGbalance, an organization dedicated to eating, image, and lifestyle management issues. She is also the author of Life Inside the “Thin” Cage: A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter. A former marketing director for Sparrow Records, a division of EMI Music, Rhodes was led to pursue this compilation by her appreciation for the work of contemporary musicians.

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