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My wife taught kindergarten for several years. One of the learning activities she employed was the time-tested game of Bingo. Letters and numbers—and prizes! It’s a game of chance, as far as her kids knew. The teacher pulls numbers from a hat and the lucky one wins, right? Not exactly. Wanting every child to experience the thrill of  winning, Anne would roam about the room looking for needed numbers on the cards
of her winless kindergartners. Feigning a real draw, she would call out the necessary numbers so each child would get a chance to win. The unsuspecting child would holler, “Bingo! I did it! I won! Where’s my prize?”

But a loving, sovereign teacher had orchestrated it all.

Your life hasn’t been a series of accomplishments in which to boast. Your life hasn’t been a random draw of luck and opportunity. A loving, sovereign God has been showering you with Unearned Blessings. God has orchestrated every good thing in your life.

Excerpted from God Moments by Alan D. Wright

Daily Reflection:
How can you be sure to remember your successes and triumphs each day for a positive outlook?

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