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Being Passed Over

No one likes to be passed over. Something within each of us cries out to be noticed. Someone has suggested that most Americans suffer from a severe case of attention deprivation; we don’t know if anybody really cares about us. Some of the Bible’s saddest words are found in one of the Old Testament psalms when David cries out in a moment of extreme loneliness, “No one cares for my soul” (Psalm 142:4).

In a cold world that refuses to recognize a loving God, words such as the psalmist’s might be expected. But why do we hear these cries so often among believers? Is it possible that we have so focused our attention on those outside the church that we have neglected our responsibility to each other? God has given to us, His children, the solution to the lonely, hopeless heart. In His Body, the church, no one should be passed over. We are commanded to encourage one another.

Excerpted from The Joy of Encouragement by Dr. David Jeremiah

Daily Reflection:
Today, how can you encourage someone who feels passed over?

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