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Battle-times are painful times. But they also are defining moments, providing opportunities to identify more clearly what we stand for…and what we do not. When we’re challenged, truly challenged, to fight for the things we deem most important—faith, family, friendship, life itself—we recognize that everything else is transitory, temporal. And we also recognize our dependence on God as our ally, our strength, our shield (Psalm 28:7).

As parents, we’re tempted to shield our children from every strife. The bully. The bad teacher. The pain of false accusations and unfair decisions and attacks on their faith. We
want to protect them when we really should be teaching them how to protect themselves—to truly utilize the weapons of God’s Word, prayer, truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation. Are we helping them commit Scripture to heart? If so, God can bring those verses to mind, helping them respond to the enemy’s strike. Are we teaching them to rely on prayer as an honest conversation that often results in answers? Then they’ll know to seek his direction as they discern truth from lies and fight injustice. Are we teaching them how to settle into God’s own peace in the midst of the most fearsome storm? If so, they’ll be able to stand strong, even when confronting difficult circumstances.

If we want our kids to be battle-ready, we need to help them train with the weapons God has given us.

Excerpted from Upside-Down Prayers for Parents by Lisa Bergren

Daily Reflection: How can you help your kids become battle-ready?

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