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When Jesus taught his friends to pray, he gave them a new name for God: “Our Father.” Addressing God as a father was a radical departure from Old Testament constructs. The Jews lived with a potent mixture of terror and awe when it came to God, with no such familiarity or warmth. He was called Almighty, the One Who Parted the Red Sea, and Maker of the Cloud by Day and the Pillar of Fire by Night. One could not presume to know him personally.

But Jesus expanded our understanding of God, even referring to him as Abba,  meaning “Daddy.” And through Jesus, God demonstrated his Abba love for us. Like a zealous tickler, he wanted us to experience his strong, knowing touch and our joy at the thrill of this contact.

Excerpted from Closer Than Your Skin by Susan D. Hill

Daily Reflection:

In what ways has God revealed himself as Abba to you?

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