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A Seasonal Perspective

The author of Ecclesiastes looked around him at situations where justice and righteousness should be evident, only to observe that “wickedness was there” and “iniquity was there” (verse 16). Maybe he was thinking about courtrooms, government halls, and the marketplace, or maybe he thought primarily of the human heart. Or all the above. Evil was everywhere.

But he did not despair over this; he went on: “I said in my heart, ‘God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time…for every purpose and for every work’ ” (verse 17). Even when injustice and corruption appear unhindered in their pollution, a seasonal perspective enables us to hold on to God’s hope. He will, in His perfect timing, make things right—preparing the way for the triumph of every good purpose and every good work.

The believer in Christ knows something here that Old Testament saints could glimpse only faintly: the ultimate good purposes and good works mentioned here will find their glorious fulfillment in Jesus and His gospel.

Excerpted from Seasons of God by Richard Blackaby

Daily Reflection: How can a seasonal perspective—the belief that God will make things right—help you during this particular season in your life?

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