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A Reward for Doing

“Jesus reveals why you and I can rejoice, even in the worst circumstances. Why? Because there is a direct connection between something you do for Him on earth and something “great” He will do for you in heaven.

Notice that Jesus describes it as a reward for doing, which would distinguish it, for example, from a gift you receive for believing. Also, the reward is specifically and personally yours if you behave in one way, but is not yours if you behave in another (for example, if you ran away under the pressure of persecution).

You see, Jesus isn’t asking you and me to enjoy misery on His behalf. Instead He’s saying that the consequences in heaven for certain actions on earth will be so wonderful that simply knowing they’re coming—and knowing that they will be great—can transform how we live now. Yes, and even create spontaneous outbursts of joy!”

Excerpted from A Life God Rewards by Bruce Wilkinson

Daily Reflection: How can knowing the rewards you will receive for honoring Him influence the way you live today?

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