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A Love Stronger than We Know

I believe nothing can separate me from God’s love: God’s love was present with me when I was spinning out of control, when the truck was stuck in the mud in the middle of the Mexican mountains, as well as during the various times when I was anxious about my personal life or work situations. He held me and loved me when I was pinned in a waterfall and dying. He kept me from feeling pain or worry. The experience of His presence, love, and compassion reassures me that Willie suffered no pain at the end of his life. His spirit probably left his body long before it was broken, and I feel confident that he was greeted by a host of overjoyed and excited witnesses.”

Excerpted from To Heaven and Back by Mary C. Neal, MD

Daily Reflection:
As you enter the new year, feel the comfort of God’s love. With the knowledge of His love, how can you start the year off in His image?

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