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Daily Devotional – A Day of Gratefulness

“Certain dates evoke emotion in each of us. A personal favorite is the fourth Thursday of November, a day of gratefulness. Family members come from all over the Midwest to indulge in the gluttony. They bring dozens of dishes, including pies, cakes, casseroles, and turkey. We laugh and play games until the inevitable comatose nap at 2:30…

God gave us gifts and opportunities to produce so we can leverage our productivity in celebration and gratefulness to Him.
By God’s grace and power, I want to make a profit. I want to save. I want to give to others as He has given to me. I want to invest in others like He invested in me. When we begin to understand these things, our embittered hearts begin to soften.”

Excerpted from Godonomics by Chad Hovind

Daily Reflection: This Thanksgiving, how can you show your gratefulness to God by using the gifts He’s given you?

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