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On the heels of trauma or during times of difficult transition, anxiety is often exaggerated. Our psychological defenses are weakened by severe or chronic stress, making it more difficult to ward off worries. The unpredictable nature of life seems magnified and keeps us from enjoying the positive aspects of our journey. When we are pooped out, fear screams, “Yesterday was bad, today is horrible, and tomorrow will be even worse.” It can be difficult to believe the best. Ah, but these are also the times when our faith can take quantum leaps forward.

Many of the dilemmas life brings us don’t have easy, tidy answers. But God will have personal answers for us if we risk asking tough questions and then take time to listen. Why not quiet your heart, open the Scriptures, and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you in the midst of your circumstances?

Excerpted From Espresso for Your Spirit by Pam Vredevelt

Daily Reflection: Do you turn to the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit during difficult times?

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