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Always Beside Us

“I turned the question over in my mind while looking at the clouds drifting by that day. If God is for us, who can be against us? In the first part of the question, the ‘if’ isn’t really casting any doubt. It is in fact assuming the truth of what it states. God is for us! He’s for us. Looking at it another way, He’s for us!

The God who created the sky, the trees, the landscape, the clouds—that God. The God who created the universe—that God. The God who is spinning our planet on its axis right now at a thousand miles an hour, ensuring that we travel 1.3 million miles today in our orbit around the sun—that God. The God who has the expanse of the universe in the palm of His hand. The God who created the complexities of the human eye, the human cell, and the DNA strand. That God is for us—for us!

And if He is for us, then ‘who can be against us?’”

Excerpted from Eyes Wide Open by Jud Wilhite

Daily Reflection: How can you remind yourself and take comfort throughout the year in knowing God is for us-for you?

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