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Understanding God’s Love

God created us to give and receive love, not just with each other but with Him as well. He’s our loving Father, and in many ways He constantly tells us, “You are My child. I was delighted when you were born, and I love you still.” God loves hearing that we love Him, but how His heart must jump when He knows that we really get it, that we understand, receive, and delight in His love.

When we understand the Father-love of God, we naturally desire to spend time talking with Him. Prayer is no longer a duty; it becomes a delight! We recognize God not as an unapproachable entity, but as the loving Father who invites us to come straight to Him and tell Him what our day was like, what we’ll face tomorrow, and how we feel about life.

Excerpted from When Families Pray by Cheri Fuller

Daily Reflection:
How can you use prayer to show God that you understand His love today?

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