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The Holy Spirit’s Friendship

More than the gifts the Holy Spirit brings, I want you to know the amazing person of the Holy Spirit! Fellowship, communion, and intimacy—in other words, the friendship—with the Holy Spirit is the greatest blessing of all.

The Holy Spirit is not mystical. He’s practical. He wants to come and help you every day. He wants to be your walk-beside, talk-to-every-moment, comforting, empowering best friend!

My prayer is that you won’t spend another day in meager cheese-and crackers Christianity when a banquet of gifts and empowerments has already been purchased for you. He came with the purchase of your ticket to heaven.

Is the Holy Spirit your best friend? He can be today.

Excerpted from The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris

Daily Reflection:

What practical step can you take to begin viewing the Holy Spirit as your friend?

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