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About Someone Like Me

Acceptance and Encouragement
for Who You Are-and Who You Are Becoming.

The teen years are a time of experimenting. You're trying on different identities, different activities, seeing which ones fit the best. You might like to be known as a good student, or you may prefer to be known as an athlete. Maybe you're carving out an identity as a loner, a leader, or a class clown.

Whatever your actions are, they tell others a lot about who you want to be. But God knows that there is more to you than what meets the eye and he cares for you, inside and out. These thirty-one days of devotionals-each with stories about teens, room to journal, relevant Scriptures, and thoughts to think about-will help you learn to care, too. They'll also help you trust that, whatever choices you make, you can always find your identity in the one who made you and loves who you are.

About Annette LaPlaca

A freelance writer and editor, Annette LaPlaca has written for publications such as Marriage Partnership and Today's Christian Woman. Her titles include It Came from My Senior Yearbook, Great Grandparenting, and The Graduate's Celebration Book of Wit & Wisdom. She and her husband, David, live in the Chicago area and have three children.

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