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Talking to Your Kids About Sex

How to Have a Lifetime of Age-Appropriate Conversations with Your Children About Healthy Sexuality

Mark Laaser

About Talking to Your Kids About Sex

“The greatest enemy of sexual wholeness today,” asserts Mark Laaser, Ph.D., “is silence.” A therapist specializing in the field of sexual health, Dr. Laaser has worked with hundreds of adults who suffer the consequences of sexual sin and dysfunction. All of them long to have had meaningful conversations with their parents about sex when they were growing up.

Most parents would agree that healthy sexuality should be taught at home rather than left to their children’s teachers, peers, or culture. However, even parents with the best intentions can feel at a loss regarding where to start.

In Talking with Your Kids about Sex, Dr. Laaser cuts through the confusion, coaching you through specific, age-appropriate discussions you can have with your son or daughter from early childhood through young adulthood; giving guidance on how to explore and examine your own sexual beliefs and issues; and empowering you to help your child develop a healthy and biblical understanding of sexuality, a glorious gift from God.

About Mark Laaser

Mark Laaser, Ph.D., has been involved in the field of Christian counseling for over twenty years, specializing in the field of sexual addiction, abuse, dysfunction, and health. He is the author of numerous books, including Faithful and True: Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World. Dr. Laaser has spoken and conducted seminars and workshops for Christian groups, denominations, and organizations around the world. He lives in Chanhassen, Minnesota, with his wife and three children.

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