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When Faith Disappoints

The Gap Between What We Believe and What We Experience

Lisa Victoria Fields

About When Faith Disappoints

For anyone who feels the weight of injustice, trauma, and suffering, the founder of the Jude 3 Project invites you to discover how pursuing godliness in a broken world can heal your heart and your life.

Living as a Black woman in America, Lisa Victoria Fields understands the tension of relying on God in a broken world. While pursuing her calling in full-time Christian ministry—an often white, male-dominated vocation—she saw the contentions many people have with Christianity. She heard the theological questions, but instead of arguing for her faith, she listened to the barriers and heard the pain in their hearts: I’m not welcomed or wanted. There is no justice in this world. God didn't intervene and protect me. Doesn’t God want me to be happy? Lisa saw the gap between their expectation of Christianity and their experience of it.

Now, in her debut book, Lisa invites Christians and skeptics to reconsider the promises and truth of Christianity. She reveals seven pain points people frequently experience—a lack of personhood, power, protection, provision, peace, purpose, and pleasure—and unpacks how, for some, Christianity may have failed to meet those very valid needs, so they turned to various counterfeits to deal with the pain points. While Lisa acknowledges and wrestles with the pain in a fallen world, she also reexamines the pages of Scripture in search of how Christianity alleviates each of those pains.

Through vulnerability, powerful storytelling, and thoughtful use of Scripture, Lisa tends to your hurting heart and offers hope and resolve to move forward, clinging to a faith that works—a faith that brings relevance and value to your life in the here and now.

About Lisa Victoria Fields

Lisa Victoria Fields, a renowned Christian apologist, merges her deep biblical knowledge with a heartfelt mission to share God's love. She has been recognized by Christianity Today for her impactful work in the African American community, and she has produced two documentaries, "Unspoken" and "Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom." The CEO of the Jude 3 Project, Lisa holds degrees in Communications and Religious Studies from the University of North Florida and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University.

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208 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Aug 13, 2024

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