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The Joy of the In-Between

100 Devotions for Trusting God in Your Waiting Season: A Devotional

Ashley Hetherington

About The Joy of the In-Between

Are you sick of waiting for your “real” life to begin? This joy-filled daily devotional offers the abundant peace that comes when you place your trust in God’s plan and start living today—from the founder of The Honey Scoop.

Perhaps you've found yourself in a season of “not yet”—whether you don’t yet have the career you've been working for, the spouse you've been praying for, or the life you've been hoping for. Maybe you feel like you're somewhere in between one chapter ending and a new one beginning, unsure of when or how God will show up for you in the waiting.

As the founder of The Honey Scoop, Ashley Hetherington is deeply connected to the pain points of young women. In the midst of her own waiting season, Ashley has met countless others who feel like they are in the hallway to God’s promises for their lives. They wonder when God is going to open the next door, answer their deep desires, and show up in a tangible way. She understands that not knowing the future when everything feels uncertain can cause you to question God and struggle to trust in His goodness. 

In The Joy of the In-Between, Hetherington offers daily encouragement for having faith as you wait for what’s next, and guidance for trusting God with your life right where you are. Ashley proposes that the in-between days are ripe for knowing God’s voice and experiencing His presence. They’re not a hyphen between two important chapters, but a chance to experience more joy, more purpose, and more connection. Waiting is a season that can be marked by abundant peace rather than frustration and chaos.

In The Joy of the In-Between you will learn how to release your grip on “the way things should be” so you can learn to stop waiting on what’s next, discover the goodness of your everyday life, and start living now. You don’t have to wait until God answers your prayers to live the holy, God-given days you find yourself in now.

About Ashley Hetherington

Ashley Hetherington—writer, speaker, content creator, Jesus lover, and bookworm—is the founder of The Honey Scoop, a lifestyle blog that encourages and equips young women to grow their faith and reach their full potential in God. As someone with a passion for connecting with young women about the struggles of young adult life, Ashley is also the creator of a membership program, The Tree, an online community that helps young women connect with God and read the Bible. Through her writing and speaking, Ashley is a faith leader for those who want to know the Word of God and let truth transform their lives. She has a degree in journalism and interactive media studies from Miami University and resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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On Sale Date: Mar 26, 2024

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When you’re waiting for answers to prayer, doubts and worry can creep in. But the season in between life’s big chapters is crucially important, too, and even key to building your faith. Learn how you can deepen your trust in God daily as you embrace The Joy of the In-Between.