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Arise and Shine

How to Be the Light That Ignites Hope in a Dark World

Allyson Golden

About Arise and Shine

An empowering, encouraging message to be a light for Christ amid the darkness and pain in this world, by the inspirational Instagram writer of Words Are Golden.

“The practical guide you need to stop questioning your purpose and instead give the gift God has graciously placed within you.”—Ashley Morgan Jackson, bestselling author of Tired of Trying

When the darkness of the world feels overwhelming, we wonder, Where can I find light?

And even more, How can I be the light?

Pediatric nurse Allyson Golden faces the hardest realities of life—and death—every day. She longed to be a light for Christ in every patient’s room, but she didn’t know what that looked like when she could hardly find that light herself.

As Allyson immersed herself in Scripture, she began to understand the transformative truth that we have no power to shine on our own, but the Light of the World shines through us—and no darkness can overcome it.

In Arise and Shine, Allyson explores our deepest questions:

• Can Jesus shine through me even when I doubt His presence?
• Does shining God’s light mean being cheerful all the time?
• How can I hold on to God’s light—and is that even a thing?
• Why is it so hard to give my burdens to God?
• Is the darkness ever going to go away?

With practical action steps at the end of every chapter, Arise and Shine helps you renew your mind, recharge your spirit, and take a positive step forward, because nothing can dim the light inside of you.


“If you’ve ever wondered if your life makes a difference amid the darkness of our world, this book is for you. Arise and Shine is the practical guide you need to stop questioning your purpose and instead give the gift God has graciously placed within you. Through three stages, Allyson beautifully leads us to uncover, unleash, and unapologetically shine the light this dark world is desperate for. No more wondering or hiding; it’s time to shine!”—Ashley Morgan Jackson, bestselling author of Tired of Trying, speaker, and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries

“This book is a beacon of light in a world where it often feels like darkness and brokenness are all around us. If you’re discouraged, Arise and Shine will equip and uplift you in truth. Each page is saturated with words of wisdom and hope.”—Jordan Lee Dooley, national bestselling author of Own Your Everyday and Embrace Your Almost

Arise and Shine is a worthy message for our generation. Through her testimony and the power of Scripture, Allyson pulls our focus off the darkness and onto the true Light who walks with us every day. If you’re feeling discouraged or dimmed by this world or your circumstances, Arise and Shine will be your guide.”—Tara Sun, author of Surrender Your Story and host of the Truth Talks with Tara podcast

“Allyson has created an amazing book that will help you find joy in your everyday as you seek God’s presence. Her heart shines through her stories, and her biblical teaching will make you feel seen and empowered to shine your light.”—Grace Valentine, atthegracevalentine, bestselling author

“I love that Allyson is such a light to this generation. Through her words and gifts, she points people to the light of Christ. Arise and Shine will leave you feeling encouraged and empowered to live connected to the source of light and to be the hands and feet of Jesus ina broken, lost world. Filled with the truth of God’s Word and encouragement on every page, you will not want to put this book down!”—Ashley Hetherington, YouTuber and founder of the Honey Scoop

About Allyson Golden

Allyson Golden is the creator of the online ministry Words Are Golden, where she champions women in their faith. A pediatric nurse, Allyson also runs an online community for women called She Who Speaks Light and is the author of the inspirational journal Words Are Golden. She is currently enrolled in seminary to obtain her master of biblical and theological studies. Allyson and her husband, Michael, partner in ministry at their local church in San Diego.

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Darkness can make us feel stuck in our brokenness. With practical ideas and biblical encouragement, Arise and Shine helps you take a positive step forward knowing that nothing can hide the beautiful purpose God has for you.