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Before You Meet Your Future Husband

30 Questions to Ask Yourself and 30 Heartfelt Prayers

Robin Jones Gunn & Tricia Goyer

About Before You Meet Your Future Husband

Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn teams up with author and teen advocate Tricia Goyer on a devotional for young single women to help them establish God-honoring thinking and beliefs that will lay a firm foundation for their future marriage.

Movies, television, and novels feature glamorous portrayals of dating and marriage, giving us unrealistic expectations of what true love looks like. A beautiful counterpoint to those dreamy fantasies, Before You Meet Your Future Husband focuses on three areas you, as a young woman, need to address in preparing for marriage:

your heart—nurturing a place where healthy love can grow
your head—realigning your thoughts with biblical truth
your hands—learning to make the most of your God-given potential

This uplifting, interactive devotional helps you approach dating from a place of peace and strength, whether you’re in a relationship now or simply hope to be married one day. With a focus on your own transformation, Before You Meet Your Future Husband offers biblical guidance, real-life stories, thought-provoking questions, and intentional prayers to help you prepare now for the future God has in store for you.

Discover the freedom and contentment that come from preparing for a God-honoring, life-giving relationship.

About Robin Jones Gunn

Robin Jones Gunn is the author of more than one hundred books with over five million copies sold, including her popular Christy Miller series as well as Praying for Your Future Husband, co-authored with Tricia Goyer. A popular speaker around the world, Robin lives in California with her husband.

About Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer is the USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of more than eighty books, including Teen Mom and Prayers That Changed History. Tricia is also a busy mom of ten and a grandmother of many. She and her husband, John, live in Arkansas.

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On Sale Date: May 2, 2023

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A beautiful counterpoint to the dreamy fantasies we see in movies, Before You Meet Your Future Husband focuses on key areas in which a young woman needs to mature before she’s ready for marriage: her head, her heart, and her hands.