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You Come from Greatness

A Celebration of Black History: A Picture Book

Sara Chinakwe

Category: Childrens Books

About You Come from Greatness

A young boy learns that he is walking in the footsteps of greatness through a vibrant, lyrical retelling of Black history—both a love letter to Black children and an anthem empowering them to know their God-given worth.

“A reminder to Black children that they are capable of greatness.”—Kirkus Reviews

You came bustling into the world,
a mighty bundle of energy, ready to do great things.
And no wonder.
You stand on the shoulders of those who came before,
and you, too, were born to shine.

Starting with his birth, the boy’s father lays out the history of his son’s ancestry: from the love and warmth of a big family, to the change makers and status shakers, the inventors and engineers, the astronomers, philosophers, and storytellers, the leaders and the doctors. The father details the legacy and impact of Black ancestors whose determination, strength, dedication, creativity, and leadership contributed to making the world better.

Throughout the story, the boy discovers the rich heritage of those that have gone before him and learns how he embodies that same greatness. He, too, has the power to change the world by embracing exactly who God made him to be.

You Come from Greatness includes illustrations of Black historical figures such as Wangari Muta Maathai, Ellie Mannette, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, and more, with twenty short biographies at the end of the book.


“A young Black child is affirmed as they learn about the achievements of Black figures through history . . . [Sara Chinakwe] admirably describes the work of world leaders, scientists, mathematicians, and many more figures across the diaspora as well as how their accomplishments might apply to the child’s future. Bright, vibrant colors bring the active illustrations to life as they honor ancestors who have made significant contributions to the world. Bold phrases appear throughout, encouraging young readers to ‘WALK TALL’ or ‘SPEAK PEACE AND SEEK JUSTICE.’”—Kirkus Reviews
“In You Come from Greatness, Sara Chinakwe’s poetic prose and Ken Daley’s vibrant illustrations celebrate some of the great Black men and women who made a difference in Black history . . . American history . . . or more accurately, world history. Though written first as an affirming love letter to empower Black readers, young and old, You Come from Greatness can encourage all readers to honor past and current Black leaders, while embracing their own power and purpose as God’s intentionally designed and diverse image bearers. You Come from Greatness is a much-needed resource that can embolden world changers, with their identity secured in Christ, for generations to come.”—Xochitl Dixon, writer for Our Daily Bread and author of Waiting for God and the 2021 ECPA Christian Book Award finalist Different Like Me

Product Details

40 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Jan 17, 2023

Trim Size: 9 x 11

Carton Quantity: 24

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Journey through the stories of Black history—from the plantations to the islands to the royalty of African tribes—as a father connects his heritage to the purpose God has for his son and all Black children today.

Press Release

Contact: Elizabeth Groening, Publicity & Marketing Assistant

A Celebration of Black History: A Picture Book
By Sara Chinakwe; Illustrated by Ken Daley
A WaterBrook Hardcover| On Sale January 17, 2023

You Come from Greatness: A Lyrical and Colorful Celebration of Black History!

Vital moments of Black history are not consistently taught or celebrated in American elementary classes. As a result, children have fewer opportunities to read about the rich cultural heritage. What better way for young readers to spend Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, Juneteenth, or really any time of the year, than by reading about the triumphant legacy and cultural impact of Black historical greats through You Come from Greatness.

In You Come from Greatness (WaterBrook, 1/17/23) author Sara Chinakwe has crafted a love letter to Black children that empowers them to know their God-given worth by pointing to those who came before them. The story follows a young boy from the moment of his birth through his childhood, as his father details the history of their ancestry through the impact of a wide range of legacy leaders—including brilliant storytellers like Maya Angelou and prominent preachers like Desmond Tutu. As the story follows their footsteps of greatness, the child learns that he, too, has the power to change the world by embracing exactly who God wants him to be.
Through lyrical and memorable text, Chinakwe offers a beautiful and emotional account of Black history that empowers young readers to take up the torch of determination, strength, creativity, and leadership, ultimately offering an essential resource for children. With a “20 Great People Who Came Before You” section, young readers are encouraged to learn further about many of the historical figures featured within the illustrations—including Black inventors, engineers, astronomers, philosophers, and doctors, ultimately creating an essential resource for children.
Vibrantly illustrated by Ken Daley, this poignant retelling of Black history is ideal for children ages 3-7 and adults who want to celebrate Black culture. After reading You Come from Greatness, young readers of all races and ethnicities will feel encouraged to make the world a brighter, better place.
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Sara Chinakwe is an author, teacher, and children’s ministry leader. She encourages women and children to pursue God’s purpose and embrace their God-given identity. Sara’s deep love of teaching and decades-long career in education was shaped during her time at California State University, Stanislaus. Since then, she has used writing as a medium to propel God’s followers forward as they journey with Him. For more information, visit


Ken Daley was born in Cambridge, Ontario, to parents who emigrated from the Dominica, West Indies. Drawing inspiration from his African Caribbean roots, his work is an explosion of color and emotion, leaving a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer. His work has been featured in several picture books, including In the Spirit of a Dream and Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings, which received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. For more information, visit

Suggested Interview Questions for Sara Chinakwe
1. What inspired you to write You Come from Greatness?

2. Did you learn about Black history in elementary school? In what ways do you hope that children interact with Black history in classrooms?

3. What are the benefits of Black children learning about their ancestors from an early age? What resources do you recommend parents and teachers to share with Black children?

4. How can non-Black children and families benefit from reading this?

5. How did you choose the historical figures featured? Is there a reason why they were featured only in the illustrations and not in the text?

6. What were the most rewarding and challenging parts of crafting this resource for young Black readers?

7. What message are you most excited for young readers take away from You Come from Greatness?

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