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Embrace Your Almost

Find Clarity and Contentment in the In-Betweens, Not-Quites, and Unknowns

Jordan Lee Dooley

About Embrace Your Almost

Not quite where you expected to be? You’re in good company. Now the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday helps you navigate unmet expectations, waiting, and uncertainty with confidence and clarity.

“If you are like me and need practical steps, hard-won wisdom, and a friend to help lead the way into a new season of promise, this redirection resource is what you need.”—Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

Jordan Lee Dooley knows firsthand how frustrating it can be when you almost achieve a goal, almost reach a dream, and almost get to where you want to be, only to land just short of the finish line or watch it all fall apart at the last minute.

Unmet expectations have a way of making us rethink everything. But perhaps rethinking dreams is not always the worst thing. Why? Because it’s in those moments, when you’re not where you expected to be, that you have a chance to pause and consider what matters most to you as well as redefine what success looks like for you in a world that’s constantly telling you what you should want or should do.

Believe it or not, it is possible to cultivate a life you really like—and one where you can succeed—in the tension of the middle, between where you started and where you hoped to be. Discover:

• practical steps to move forward when your plans don’t go according to plan
• how to clarify which goals are right for you to pursue
• what to do when dreams seem to come true for everyone but you
• the unexpected gains that can arise from unwanted pain
• how to know when it’s time to let go of a dream—and what to do with the space left behind

Life is filled with unmet expectations, disrupted dreams, uncertainty, and in-between seasons. As hard as those experiences may be, they also offer a unique invitation to align your dreams and goals with what matters most. Learn how you can gain greater clarity about what you truly want, why you want it, and how to begin pursuing it.


“We all know what it feels like to have an expectation of what we hoped our life would look like, only to have it veer off onto a different path. In times like these, we need some help keeping our eyes up as we move forward. That’s exactly what Jordan Lee Dooley does for us in Embrace Your Almost. If you are like me and need practical steps, hard-won wisdom, and a friend to help lead the way into a new season of promise, this redirection resource is what you need.”—Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“Rather than reinforcing the pervasive shoot-for-the-moon rhetoric that our boss babe culture pushes, Jordan is a part of the resistance. Her book Embrace Your Almost tactically guides us on how to redefine success so that we can faithfully steward the good that God sends our way. This book heralds the message that this generation desperately needs.”—Amanda Pittman, founder of Confident Woman Co.

“Whether we’ve had the wind knocked out of us when a dream fails or we are finally breathing deeply after we release a dream that wasn’t right, Jordan guides us with compassion and clarity to liking—or at least making peace with—our lives long before we reach the celebratory finish lines. Embrace Your Almost champions a life that is always under construction instead of one only satisfied at a completion that never truly comes. Jordan intimately invites us to join her in the space between disappointment and possibility, heartbreak and hope—whether in our home, motherhood, career, or faith. She reminds us that a life of almosts is one in which we’re endlessly striving and never celebrating the fact that where we are today may in fact be beautiful enough, if only we see it through her lens.”—Hilary Rushford Collyer, host of the You’re Welcome podcast

“Jordan Lee Dooley is a perfect mix of wisdom and work-hard, and this book brings both. For when you don’t understand and when you need a guide, Embrace Your Almost will walk with you, teach you, and lead you to the confident life you want.”—Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun

Embrace Your Almost is for anyone who finds themself in the awkward season of in-between. Jordan has gifted us with an insightful guide filled with biblical and practical steps that lend future clarity, even as they help us experience contentment when we are not yet quite there.”—Lisa Bevere, New York Times bestselling author

“I’m grateful for the way Jordan shares her honest journey and helps anyone who’s had to wait or adjust their expectations in the season they’re in to redefine success and contentment right where they are.”—Ruth Chou Simons, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, artist, and founder of gracelaced online

About Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley is the national bestselling author of Own Your Everyday and the host of the top-rated podcast SHE. She is also the founder of the Own It Academy, a digital education company, and SoulScripts, a words company known for its phrase Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here.

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On Sale Date: May 9, 2023

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