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The Sacredness of Secular Work

4 Ways Your Job Matters for Eternity (Even When You're Not Sharing the Gospel)

Jordan Raynor

About The Sacredness of Secular Work

From a leading voice in the faith and work movement and author of Redeeming Your Time comes the revolutionary message that God sees our daily work—in whatever form it takes—with far more value than we ever imagined.

Does your work matter for eternity?
Sadly, most believers don’t think so. Sure, the 1 percent of the time they spend sharing the gospel with their co-workers matters. But most Christians view the other 99 percent of their time as meaning very little in the grand scheme of things.
But that’s not how God sees it.
Jordan Raynor, a leading voice in the faith and work movement and bestselling author, offers a revolutionary message about how our daily jobs—from baristas and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home parent and coaches—have intrinsic and eternal value. In The Sacredness of Secular Work, he reveals unexpected ways our work matters, not just for the moment but for eternity. In these pages you’ll see how
• your work can physically last into heaven
• your job can be an ingredient for God’s eternal pleasure
• your vocation can reveal heaven on earth

Combining research, Scripture, and storytelling, Jordan Raynor proves that work, in its diverse forms, is one of the primary activities that brings God delight. This biblical perspective will set you free to pursue your passions and skills and—perhaps for the first time—experience the Creator’s delight in the work of your hands.

About Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor is a leading voice of the faith and work movement and bestselling author of Redeeming Your Time. Through his books, podcasts, and weekly devotionals, he helps millions of Christians in every country connect the gospel to their work. Raynor also serves as the executive chairman of Threshold 360. He has been selected as a Google Fellow twice and served in the White House under President George W. Bush. A sixth-generation Floridian, Raynor lives in Tampa with his wife and their three young daughters.

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Your work matters for eternity, even in the moments in which you’re not sharing the gospel with your co-workers. Jordan Raynor’s book, The Sacredness of Secular Work, will help you catch an exponentially bigger vision for how your job, whatever it may be, is not in vain!