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About Peace

The bestselling author of Love Unending and Midnight Mom Devotional reassures anxious women that even if you can't shake off fear, your faith is not broken.

For years, Christian women have been told, "If you just prayed more, had more faith, and trusted Jesus, you'd have more peace." But what does it mean when a Christian momma continues to worry? How does she reconcile her feelings of fear with her faith in God? And how does she raise her children in a home full of peace when she feels anything but peaceful?

Becky Thompson, a best-selling author with a degree in biblical studies, knows firsthand what it is like to suffer from the crippling effects of anxiety--a condition she has struggled to overcome for most of her life. For her and many others, the fear she faces is not a faith issue. It's a physical one that affects over 40 million adults in the US.

As Becky examines the relationship between the promise of peace in Scripture and the reality of life, motherhood, and anxiety, she brings both a practical and spiritual approach to the discussion of anxiety and how it impacts your mind, body, and spirit.

Peace meets moms in the forest of fear where they have felt isolated and alone and walks them toward hope, reminding them that there are millions of other women who walk the same dark, uncertain trails they do and there isn't something wrong with their faith because they can't shake the fear. Peace is a lifeline for the Christian mom desperate for solid advice based on sound doctrine and presented in a way that makes her feel understood and far less alone on her journey toward healing.

About Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson began blogging under the name Scissortail SILK, quickly drawing a global audience of millions. A self-professed city girl, Becky is a recent transplant to northwest Oklahoma, where she lives with her husband, Jared, their three young children, and whatever critters wander in from the wheat field behind their house. You can connect with Becky online at or join her and the thousands of other grace-filled moms who are a part of the Scissortail SILK community on Facebook.

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240 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Sep 8, 2020

Trim Size: 5-3/16 x 8

Carton Quantity: 24

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WaterBrook’s New Journal Is a Beautiful Memento for Grandparents to Gift to Future Generations
The Gift of Family, Legacy, and Story for Those You Love

What better gift can grandparents offer their grandchildren than the gift of themselves? With Dear Grandchild, This Is Me: A Gift of Stories, Wisdom, and Off-the-Record Tales (8/20/19, WaterBrook), grandparents can capture the details of their unique experiences and share valuable life lessons, humorous moments, and words of wisdom. Featuring recipe pages, envelopes for tucking away letters of encouragement, as well as opportunities to divulge classified personal “secrets,” this one-of-a-kind keepsake will give grandchildren a glimpse into a grandparent’s personal story.
Divided into four sections, Dear Grandchild, This Is Me guides grandparents in relating the different seasons of their lives, from firsts and favorites in childhood, to the faith and legacy they’ve cultivated into their mature years. Not only does the journal capture memories and milestones, but it also fosters discussion and family bonding, complete with photo pages and a section for creating a family tree.
Fun questions throughout the book include:
· What is something you used to do as a child that would be considered dangerous by today’s standards?
· How old were you when you felt “grown up”?
· What story do you love to exaggerate when telling, and what’s the real story?
· How has faith played a role in your life?
“One of the beautiful things about this product is that it doesn’t matter how young or old the grandchild or grandparent is. The book was designed to work for all ages, whether the grandchild is a baby or an adult,” says Susan Tjaden, senior editor. “It truly is a timeless, unique keepsake—one in which grandparents can record parts of their stories they might not have ever told before!”
Drawing on the recent trend in genealogy and ancestry research, the in-house creative team at WaterBrook created this journal to offer a refreshing way for grandparents and family archivers of all ages to document their family history for the generations to come. With just this journal and a pen or pencil, grandparents can create a keepsake that is sure to become a treasured family possession.
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About WaterBrook
WaterBrook’s in-house creative team creates interactive products that infuse contemplation and inspiration into the regular spiritual practice of creative-minded Christians. These thoughtfully curated gift books are based in biblical truth and spark a reminder of how God reveals beauty in the midst of our ordinary.

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