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The Dream-Centered Life

Discovering What Drives You

Luke Barnett

About The Dream-Centered Life

Wake Up to Bigger Dreams!

“Everything of value starts with a dream—a God-given vision of our greater purpose. This book will teach you how to dream again and how to take the steps needed to make those dreams a reality.”
—Todd Mullins, senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Church

Have you stopped pursuing the life of your dreams? Did someone or something steal the passions that made your heart beat fast? 

It’s possible—for the first time or once again—to become that wide-eyed, visionary dream-chaser!

It starts by realizing that God has specific, amazing plans for you. Once you discover what drives you at the deepest level, you’ll overcome any barrier that stands between you and your new reality. 

The Dream-Centered Life isn’t about wishful thinking. It offers practical ways to be an effective dreamer, no matter where your starting point. Through personal experiences and fresh insights from world-class dreamers, Luke Barnett discusses these and other topics: 

• Where do dreams begin? 
• Characteristics of a dreamer
• Habits of dreamers
• Dream lifters
• Dream busters
• Dreaming with confidence

Are you ready to discover—and live—your God-sized dream?


“Discouragement can peek around every corner and extinguish passions and dreams. Bask in the refreshing light of encouragement from Luke Barnett as he navigates the amazing plans God has for every dreamer.”
—Roma Downey, actress, producer, and president of LightWorkers Media

“In The Dream-Centered Life, Luke Barnett reveals the secret to making your dreams come true: drawing closer to God and depending on him each step of the way. Luke inspires us to take our God-given dreams seriously and then shows us how to bring them to life with God’s help.”
—Chris Hodges, senior pastor of Church of the Highlands and author of Fresh Air

The Dream-Centered Life is a must-read for anyone who wants to see their calling fulfilled. Luke Barnett challenges you to stand up, wipe off the dirt, and climb out of the predictable to find your dream.”
—John Bevere, author and minister at Messenger International

“Luke Barnett believes we can create our future and it starts with a dream. He then inspires us to dream bigger. His practical and spiritual way empowers us to believe we can dream and see it come to pass. If you want to see great things, read The Dream-Centered Life.
—Casey Treat, senior pastor of Christian Faith Center and coauthor of Renewing the Mind 2.0

“Dreams are the substance of all great achievement. I’m thrilled that my friend Luke Barnett has written such a practical book on the importance of dreaming and the process through which our dreams become reality. Luke has lived what is taught within these pages!”
—Bishop Dale C. Bronner, DMin, senior pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

“The only dream that is fulfilling and worth pursuing is a God-given dream. Luke Barnett lives out his God-given dream daily, and in this book he clearly explains how you, too, can get your dream back.”
—Rick Bezet, lead pastor of New Life Church of Arkansas and author of Real Love in an Angry World

“This book challenges readers to live a life with purpose. Luke lays out simple steps we all can take to allow God to restore our dreams.”
—Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel and New York Times bestselling author

“My brother, Luke Barnett, is a perfect example of how to dream big! The Dream-Centered Life offers great examples and instruction on how to believe for big, God-based dreams for your life.”
—Matthew Barnett, cofounder of the Dream Center and New York Times bestselling author of The Cause Within You

“God-given dreams are possible and should be sought wholeheartedly. Life’s challenges can derail our aspirations. Luke Barnett helps readers get back on track to living out God’s amazing plan for their lives.”
—Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker and lead pastor of National Community Church

About Luke Barnett

Luke Barnett, the influential pastor of the 25,000-member Dream City Church in Arizona, has built his entire life and ministry around the book's message: God is the original dreamer and He wants His dreams for you to come true. Offering contemporary wisdom based on the Bible story of Joseph, The Dream Centered Life will inspire and challenge readers to ask God to plant a new dream in their hearts, to trust Him with a current dream, and to hold on to the dream through inevitable pit stops along the way. Written in an accessible, conversational style, the book focuses on biblical principles that reveal how dreams can reach fruition. The inclusion of real life stories and culturally relevant references will appeal to modern-day believers at all levels of faith.

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