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Every Woman's Battle

Discovering God's Plan for Sexual and Emotional Fulfillment

Shannon Ethridge

Part of the The Every Man Series Series

About Every Woman's Battle

Your sexual needs are far different from your man's.
And they may be more dangerous.

When does an affair begin? Not with the first forbidden touch…but with the first forbidden thought. Unexpectedly, you find yourself enjoying a powerful emotional bond with another man. You feel like you matter to someone again. And the door you thought was locked so firmly–the door to sexual infidelity–is suddenly ajar.

The only way women can survive the intense struggle for sexual integrity is by guarding not just your body, but your mind and heart as well. Every Woman's Battle can help you learn to do that.

Using real-life stories and examples from her own struggle, Shannon Ethridge helps women like you–whether married, engaged, or planning to marry someday--to:

·     Understand the four unique components of female sexuality
·     Discern the common myths that keep women standing in the line of fire
·     Design a new defense to protect every aspect of your life
·     Cultivate an unimaginable level of intimacy with your husband or husband-to-be
·     Develop an affair with the one and only Lover who will truly satisfy your innermost desires: Jesus Christ
Written in the honest style of the best-selling Every Man Series but with a uniquely female perspective, Every Woman's Battle will lead you on a lifelong path to true joy and fulfillment—sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Includes a comprehensive workbook for individual or group study.


“This book sheds light on the often unspoken sensitivities and issues that women wrestle with. Not only is it well written, it is liberating and refreshing with sound principles for overcoming the things that threaten to keep us from experiencing the fullness of joy that is part of God’s big-picture plan for our lives.”
—MICHELLE MCKINNEY HAMMOND, author of Get Over It and On With It

“In today’s permissive culture, it is dangerously easy for even the most principled of women to reason away unhealthy thoughts, attitudes, and flirtations with men who aren’t our husbands. In Every Woman’s Battle, Shannon Ethridge bravely and respectfully draws a line in the sand for all of us. A must-read for every woman who desires true intimacy and sexual integrity.”
—CONSTANCE RHODES, author of Life Inside the “Thin” Cage

“There is a common, almost Victorian, myth that women don’t really struggle with sexual sin. That myth causes many women to feel a double-shame. The shame of struggling sexually is compounded by the assumption that few, if any, women share the same battle. Shannon Ethridge artfully and boldly unveils the war and offers women a way to enter the battle with courage, hope, and grace. Every Woman’s Battle will help both men and women comprehend the glorious beauty and sensuality of holiness. This is a desperately needed book.”
—Dr. DAN B. ALLENDER, president of Mars Hill Graduate School and author of The Healing Path

“If you’re like me, you want the deepest connection possible with your husband. You want a soul-to-soul connection that is not encumbered by anything that could damage it. And if you’re like me, you are going to find Shannon’s book immeasurably helpful in doing just that. Every Woman’s Battle is the best resource I know for embracing God’s plan of sexual and emotional integrity as a woman.”
—LESLIE PARROTT, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages

“A powerful shield for every woman. Shannon’s words are convicting, challenging, and confronting.”
—DR. TIM CLINTON, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors

“Many of my Bad Girls of the Bible readers have tearfully confessed to me their struggles with sexual sins—promiscuity, adultery, and self-gratification among them. Since we cannot pretend Christian women don’t face these temptations, it’s a relief to have a sound resource like this one to recommend. Shannon Ethridge’s straightforward, nonjudgmental, step-by-step approach can help women come
clean in the best way possible—through an intimate relationship with the Lover of their souls.”
—LIZ CURTIS HIGGS, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible, Really Bad Girls of the Bible, and Mad Mary: A Bad Girl from Magdala

“It’s time to take the blinders off and recognize the crucial message of Every Woman’s Battle.
—KAREN KINGSBURY, best-selling author of Remember and One Tuesday Morning

About Shannon Ethridge

Shannon Ethridge is the best-selling author of Every Woman's Battle and the coauthor of Every Young Woman's Battle, as well as an international speaker and certified life coach. Previously a youth pastor and abstinence educator, Shannon has a master's degree in counseling/human relations from Liberty University. She is a frequent guest on radio and television, with previous appearances on The 700 Club, LifeToday with James & Betty Robison, FamilyLife Today, and New Life Live! The mother of two adult children, Shannon lives in Michigan.

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288 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Aug 18, 2009

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Your sexual needs are far different from your man's.

Click here to download the first chapter of Every Woman's Battle now.

The only way women can survive the intense struggle for sexual integrity is by guarding not just your body, but your mind and heart as well. Every Woman's Battle can help you learn to do that.

Click here to download the first chapter of Every Woman's Battle now.

By Kassie Hill

Upon receiving this book to review, I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into. I had also decided, upon reading the overview, that I wouldn't get much out of it, since I had never struggled with what this book was about. Or so I thought. The title of the book, "Every Woman's Battle", is true in that the material can apply to every woman at some point in their lives, whether they are single or married. Ethridge really opens herself up...

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By Lindsay Andrews

This was a very good and informative book. Shannon Ethridge did a fantastic job of illustrating the way to be a pure, Godly wife. I like how she wrote this book in a way that women who are not yet married can read it and apply the principles in their life. She shares how a woman can remain pure not only in deed, but thoughts also. She has shared willingly with her readers lessons that she learned the hard way in her own life. It is...

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By Jinnae Blaker

This book has been incredible. I feel like so often the world focuses on the problems that men struggle through such as lust, cheating, and other things that drive relationships with their wives apart. I always wanted a book that dealt with a womans side because I so often so women and myself having problems with emotional battles and being so withdrawn from the person we are with. This book really worked through so many issues that I have in...

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By Tanquella Rhoden

If a book does not catch me with the synopsis on the back, it must intrigue me in some way upon reading the first paragraph of the book. Itâ??s one thing to tell me how to be a woman of God, but to go in dept and give me examples of the things that we do as women that causes us to think if its right or wrong is good. This book has caused me to look at things I have done in my own marriage, past and present, and see that I was behaving in...

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By Denise McFarland

I recently read Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge. This is an excellent and much needed book in today's society. It delves into how affairs (emotional and physical) begin and how to cut them off before they start. I liked that she gave guidelines and how to know when you're getting too emotionally attached to another man and clear boundaries to stick to to avoid progressing into anything inappropriate. I also enjoyed reading the...

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