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Dandelions in a Jelly Jar

Traci DePree

Category: Fiction > General

Part of the Lake Emily Series Series

About Dandelions in a Jelly Jar

The peaceful town of Lake Emily will never be the same when Trudy Ploog comes to stay!

Mae Morgan’s flamboyant art teacher sister, Trudy Ploog, moves to the quiet, rural town of Lake Emily, Minnesota, to be closer to Bert Biddle, her shy, unassuming farmer boyfriend. Everything is perfect and then…the school board cuts the Gifted and Talented program and rumors of more cuts fly.

Outraged, Trudy kicks up a whirlwind, beginning with a letter to the paper that questions the very foundation of small-town life–high school sports! Soon the whole town is talking, and Trudy and Bert are put to the test. Meanwhile, the Morgan family is recovering from the loss of a child and the death of a life-long dream as Virginia Morgan helps a father and daughter rediscover life.

A hopeful story of facing the challenges of life with courage and learning to see with eyes of grace, Dandelions in a Jelly Jar gently reminds you that the best bouquets are dandelions.

“A welcomed new voice in a genre that is begging for novels of this caliber. Bravo.”
–Ted Dekker, best-selling author of Blink and Thr3e

“Traci’s books… call my name and soothe my soul.” Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of All Together in One Place and A Name of Her Own


“Traci DePree has done it again–only better! I found myself alternately chuckling, sniffling, and sighing as I settled into the lives and loves of her delightful characters. Jan Karon fans will especially love the goings on at Lake Emily–and so will everyone else!”  
 –Diane Noble, award-winning author of Phoebe

“Genuine country! Dandelions in a Jelly Jar is a richly layered story quilt that'll warm you from cover to cover.”
–Robert Elmer, author of The Duet

“In Dandelions in a Jelly Jar, Traci weaves a delightful story of rural living, art, and faith. Family and friends in the small town of Lake Emily live kindness, grace, and forgiveness in this well-crafted novel. Through strong, believable characters, Traci reminds us that the simple joys of life last the longest. I look forward to being reunited with Mae and Peter, Trudy and Bert and the rest in Traci’s next novel of the series.”
–Leslie Gould, author of Garden of Dreams

Praise for A Can of Peas

“A welcomed new voice in a genre that is begging for novels of this caliber. Bravo.”
–TED DEKKER, author of Blink and Thr3e

“Lake Emily is populated with fresh faces, intriguing relationships, and heartwarming stories that bring a community to life. Whether you live in a high-rise or a remote home, you’ll recognize the people who fill this satisfying Can of Peas. Lake Wobegon? I’ll take Lake Emily.”
–JANE KIRKPATRICK, award-winning author
of Hold Tight the Thread

“A charming story, gently told, A Can of Peas blossoms in the reader’s heart, like the land bringing forth crops for harvest. I fell in love with all the people of Lake Emily, and so will you!”
–ROBIN LEE HATCHER, award-winning author
of Firstborn

About Traci DePree

Traci DePree is the author of A Can of Peas and Dandelions in a Jelly Jar, the first two books in the Lake Emily series. She is also the editor behind many best-selling Christian novels. Traci brings over fifteen years of experience in Christian fiction to her writing, offering an earthy blend of Midwest wisdom and deeply rooted conviction. She makes her home with her family in a rural farming town in Minnesota.

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