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About Detours

Have you experienced those times in life when you're zooming along on a course bound for your destination when suddenly, CLANK-some outside force beyond your control (be it accident, event, circumstance, or someone else's decision or action) changes your direction? Then off you go down another road, one you wouldn't otherwise have traveled. Maybe you're in the midst of a detour right now. The road is rough. The scenery is strange. The landmarks are unfamiliar. Clark Cothern invites you to travel with him on a few of his detours and discover a renewed sense of purpose. Yes, He is Lord of those smooth, wide interstates in your life. But He is also Lord of the detours.

About Clark Cothern

Clark Cothern is the senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Adrian, Michigan. A frequent contributor to magazines like Decision, Discipleship Journal, and Leadership, he is also the author of Spirit Controlled Living, Detours and At the Heart of Every Great Father. Pastor Cothern earned his master of arts in communication at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. He lives with his wife, Joy, and their three children.

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176 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Feb 1, 1999

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