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Divine Applause

Secrets and Rewards of Walking with an Invisible God

Jeff Anderson

About Divine Applause

How will God make himself known to you?

“This work begs to be read by anyone who wishes to see the invisible God.”—Dr. Tony Evans, president of The Urban Alternative, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

How do we have a relationship with a God we can’t see? There must be more to the Christian life than silence, and more to God than a vacant stare.
Divine Applause weaves together biblical insights and personal stories that illustrate the surprising ways God connects with us. Let Jeff Anderson show you how to use your spiritual senses to experience God:

• Sense God’s personal attention in unmistakable ways.
• Cultivate a constant awareness of God’s presence.
• Enjoy the reward of secrets between you and God.
• Take risks to break out of a status-quo life and connect more directly with God.
• Discover the intensity of God’s interest in you.
You don’t have to settle for a distant walk with God. He wants you to know that He notices—and that He delights in you.


“God’s love isn’t based on our performance. But He does want us to actively engage with Him, to get His ‘attention’ through prayer, devotion, and acts of service. Divine Applause offers practical guidance to help readers make that a deeper reality in their lives.”—Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

“Jeff Anderson reminds us that God doesn’t just sit in the bleachers of your life. He’s paying close attention. He applauds. He gets involved.”—Doug Bender, author of I Am Second

“Unlike human applause, ‘divine applause’ is a receipt, not a bill. Jeff Anderson shows us how to have a real relationship with God that is not based on bill-paying but on bountiful receipts of God’s favor and pleasure.”—Leonard Sweet, bestselling author, professor, and chief contributor to Sermonsdotcom

“Attention is something children will cry for and adults will die for. Jeff Anderson shows us how we can connect with God’s blessing and applause.”—Jim Stovall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Gift

“What a bold encouragement! We are often looking for intimacy with our Creator, and in Divine Applause Jeff Anderson illuminates just how close we really are to Him.”—Tom Ziglar, president/CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

“Jeff unpacks the truth about what it means to truly walk alongside the One we call Lord. His creative and intuitive look at the Bible is rejuvenating.”—Jarrid Wilson, next-gen pastor at LifePoint Church

“If you have wondered how you can know Someone you can’t see, and if you’re curious about what an invisible God thinks of you, then you need to read this book.”—Jeff Goins, author of The In-Between

“Jeff Anderson has addressed an issue that many people know intuitively, but rarely verbalize: God is invisible. At last we have a book that addresses this reality in a creative, refreshing, and encouraging manner.”—Dr. Richard Blackaby, author of Unlimiting God, co-author of Experiencing God

“Real intimacy with God changes everything, and this book clearly moves people in the right direction. Divine Applause appeals to your deep longing for God and takes you on a practical journey.”—Randy Gariss, senior pastor of College Heights Christian Church

“So many Christians are striving to find a stage, microphone, and lights where they can offer their gifts. Ironically, they miss the connection they long for and the divine applause we were meant to hear.”—Gary Barkalow, author of It’s Your Call

“Jeff’s engaging and honest approach will challenge readers to explore more deeply the intimacy of their relationship with God, look for Him in the ordinary moments of life, and make the most of each encounter.”—Mickey Rapier, directional leader at Fellowship Bible Church Northwest Arkansas

Divine Applause delivers moving stories and fresh insight. This transparent work will satisfy those who want to draw near to God.”—Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries

About Jeff Anderson

JEFF ANDERSON speaks and writes about walking with God, with an approach to discipleship that combines Scripture and story. Jeff began his career as a CPA for a Big Six accounting firm, then became a day trader in the stock market. Following that, he joined Crown Financial Ministries as vice-president for North America Generosity Initiatives. The author of Plastic Donuts, Jeff is a speaker and writer and consults with churches and ministries. He lives in Tulsa with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children.

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