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About Godonomics

Godonomics is an incredible comparison of biblical economics and the culture. A real eye-opener.”
—Josh McDowell, coauthor of Undaunted and The Unshakable Truth
God’s Solution to Every Financial Crisis
Those who fail to learn from history may not get a chance to repeat it. Some economists have said the years of robust economic growth and expanding opportunity are gone for good. But are they reading the right text?
Godonomics explores the core biblical teachings that provide the only practical, dependable solution to economic uncertainty. And now this innovative approach is enhanced by a new guide to help parents mentor their children from grade school to young adulthood. Every season of parenting gives you a new opportunity to equip your children with the vision and tools they need to lay the foundation for financial success.
By following Scripture’s guidelines we can ensure the financial well-being of our families—no matter what might happen on the national or global stage. Let Godonomics show you why a strong work ethic, saving over borrowing, generous giving, and the reduction of entitlements combine to form the only path to economic stability and financial health.


Praise for Godonomics

“Godonomics is a thoughtful critique of the theories that control the world of commerce and shape the lives of men and nations. Chad Hovind challenges us to reassess doing business as usual.”
—Dr. Peter A. Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

“Chad Hovind offers a creative and compelling case for the constitutional framework for government. He also provides practical financial principles that will help you make wise decisions with your money.”
—Shane F. Krauser, author of Your Nation to Save, director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education 

“A truly brilliant breakdown of what the Bible says about the economy. Godonomics touches on everything from profit and charity to capitalism and taxes. Everyone should get a copy.”
—Governor Mike Huckabee, host of television’s “Huckabee” 

Godonomics is an incredible comparison of biblical economics and the culture. A real eye-opener.”
—Josh D. McDowell, popular speaker, coauthor of Undaunted and The Unshakable Truth

“Simple enough to teach kids but researched enough for The Wall Street Journal. Godonomics is the truth project of economics.”
—Bob McEwen, former six-term member of Congress and popular lecturer on free-market economics

“Chad Hovind brings a reasonable voice to the convinced and the unconvinced. Godonomics applies God’s wisdom on economics both to individuals and nations. You will learn about the Bible’s prescription to secure our nation’s future economic health.”
—David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders

Godonomics helps us understand economics by taking us back to the source and the reason for our wealth: God Himself. You will come away understanding money and God better, and understanding better why money makes such a lousy god.”
—R. C. Sproul, Jr., author of Biblical Economics: A Commonsense Guide to Our Daily Bread

“Chad Hovind is sharp, bold, courageous, and he gets it. Godonomics is superbly done.”
—Jim Garlow, author of How God Saved Civilization, lead pastor of Skyline Church, San Diego

“Using God’s Word regarding financial principles, you can now be bold in speaking out against false teachings. Your entire family will learn from this important book.” 
—Mark Whitacre, PhD, president of operations and COO of Cypress Systems, Inc.

Godonomics is thought-provoking, courageous, and relevant. Pastor Hovind, in this brilliant work, causes us to remember that ‘In God We Trust’.”
—Reverend C. L. Bryant, former NAACP chapter president, FreedomWorks fellow, creator of the documentary film Runaway Slave

“Chad Hovind reveals how the Bible supports free enterprise and entrepreneurship. You’ll laugh and learn as he weaves together biblical history, philosophy, and a passion for business with references to Adam Smith, C. S. Lewis, Milton Friedman, and even Steve Martin.”
—Glenn Beck, host of The Glenn Beck Program, author of Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse to Say

reveals an approach to money and our country that is common sense, not just another attempt to politicize the gospel. Unlike Christian leaders who use biblical knowledge to advance political agendas, Chad Hovind is politically aware but biblically motivated. The Kingdom-first approach is evident.”
—Jerry Robinson, economist, author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation, radio host of Follow the Money (FTM)

About Chad Hovind

CHAD HOVIND is lead pastor of the rapidly growing, Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Horizon attracts business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and unconvinced explorers who are interested in applying God’s truth to everyday life. Pastor Hovind is creator of the Fast Track Bible DVD series and the Godonomics DVD curriculum series, which is endorsed by Focus on the Family’s Truth Project. He speaks regularly to a variety of groups, including at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love, Marketplace Ministry, and Patriot Events. Hovind holds three degrees from Moody Bible Institute. For more information about his work, visit the website

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God’s solution to America’s economic crisis

Click here to download chapter one of Godonomics.


Saving America’s economy is not a conservative-versus-liberal issue, it is a biblical issue. National leaders have failed to pull the country out of its financial tailspin because both major parties are working from the wrong text. For a nation to achieve stability and enjoy lasting economic health, it needs to adopt the economic principles set forth in the Bible.

Click here to download chapter one of Godonomics.


By Jenny Harrah

This book was a great book on approaching economics through biblical principals. It basically went over the three basic thoughts about how God wants us to live a life of freedom; to learn to provide for ourselves and our family; and then to spend our time and money blessing others. Good read for anyone interested in a Christian standpoint of handling money. *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions,...

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By Denise Olsen

As an avid reader of ecumenic books, I was excited to receive this one. I enjoyed it and found it to have some great principles for financial success. Chad Hovind captures the reader and takes their thoughts to the what ifs. What if I tried this, what if I changed how I think about that. I recommend this book, it is an eye opener.  I received this copy from and opinions are my own. This is a must read book!

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By Angela Walker

I have had this book for a while and for some reason didnâ??t start reading it until recently. After Chapter 1, I was hooked. Godonomics is filled with information that should be common sense like â??"donâ??t spend tomorrowâ??s money todayâ? â?" but honestly how often do we as Americans listen to common sense when it comes to our finances? I love how the author applies a ton of scripture to back up what he is saying.  Chad Hovind,...

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By Derek Iannelli-Smith

â??"Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.â?  Albert Einstein What if producing, profiting, saving turned into investing and giving?  The first diagram pokes you in the face.  The stick figures remind us of basic principles that really have not changed, and when faithfully applied, Godâ??s common grace freely flows through a family of servants on mission.   Producing, profiting...

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By CJ Wallace

The way the author started the chapters with what God would ask certain subjects was intriguing! You can tell the author was serious about the subject of Economics when he brings out certain names like Adam Smith and William Bradford. He also makes bold claims that he can back up. Good job!

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