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About The Crossing

Imprisoned by memories, Claudia Campbell lives each day in the shadow of a ten-year-old murder. Who can set her free?

On the way home from a football game, a decade earlier, a masked gunman opened fire on a Texas school bus.  Cheerleading coach B.J. Remington was killed, but her murderer was never found. Claudia, who had a close friendship with the young, spirited teacher, constantly relives the anguish of that day, caught in one moment in time. When her husband, the assistant district attorney, becomes determined to uncover the mystery of that tragedy, the secrets buried over the years threaten to tear their family apart.

Officer Casio Hightower will never forget the day his dreams were destroyed. A star quarterback with a promising future, Casio was on top of the world—until one bullet changed everything. He is eager to help Victor Campbell find B.J.’s killer, the man who shot him. Maybe solving the case will help silence the demons driving Casio to hurt the woman he loves.

As the Campbells and Casio teeter on the brink of losing everything, will they be able to discover that what begins at the crossing ends at the cross?


CBA bestseller
ECPA bestseller

“Serita Jakes has created a rich story about confronting the debilitating wounds of one’s past and standing at a crossroads of hope and healing—or ongoing suffering.  Her characters take meaningful and relatable journeys, and they will serve as an inspiration for many to find the path toward wholeness.”
—Dr. Frank Lawlis, bestselling author, consultant to the Dr. Phil show, and the author of revolutionary program PTSD Breakthrough

“An amazing story of hope, loss, and the unconditional love that brings us back to God, Serita Jakes has created a meaningful novel that tears at your heart while mending your brokenness at the same time. The Crossing is powerful storytelling.”  
—Pat Smith, founder and CEO of “Treasure You”, President of Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities

The Crossing is captivating from page one. Serita chronicles a remarkable tale of betrayal, pain and spiritual anguish.  Her writing uncovers an important core message: how to find freedom from past hurts and wounds, and move toward a life of forgiveness, healing and Divine wholeness.”
—Dr. Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors

“Serita Jakes’ The Crossing is so much more than you expect. She’s a brilliant woman of God and this stirring novel will reach so many hearts and lives with its message of grace and healing.”
—Lisa Osteen Comes, associate pastor Lakewood Church in Houston Texas, and author of You Are Made For More

“First Lady Serita Jakes is a unique lady with a big heart. She has experienced hurt in her life, therefore The Crossing is a perfect novel for her to write. She is a woman who loves much and wants to help others. This book will impact, and may even, save your life. I salute Serita and consider her one of my children.”
—Dodie Osteen, co-founder Lakewood Church and author of Choosing Life.

I hope whoever reads this book never has had to go through loss and suffering. But should you be faced with one or the other or both, Mrs. Jakes’ powerful words will help you through it because it demonstrates God’s forgiveness, powerful healing and unconditional love for us all.
—Jamie Foster Brown, publisher, Sister 2 Sister Magazine

“Serita Jakes has captured the true meaning of what it means to “wear the mask”. And the phrase ‘cover your sins and keep up appearances’ penned in The Crossing—says it all. The depiction of the novel’s main character Claudia reveals the devastating and irreversible effects of untreated trauma and the dire consequences if left undiagnosed and untreated—as it does all too often. The Crossing hits home on these important issues in a down-to-earth and entertaining way. The Crossing is an important novel and I highly recommended.”
—Terrie M. Williams, author of Black Pain

“A meaningful novel about loss, forgiveness, suffering, and God’s healing, unconditional love. A perfect read for women who have seen hard times. I highly recommend it.”
—Paula White, Paula White Ministries/Senior Pastor, Without Walls International Church

About Serita Ann Jakes

Serita Ann Jakes has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life, and has served alongside her husband, Bishop T. D. Jakes, throughout their entire marriage of nearly 30 years. In addition to raising three sons and two daughters, Jakes is Executive Director of the WoMan To Woman Ministries of The Potter's House of Dallas, where her husband is Senior Pastor.

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304 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Sep 6, 2011

Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Carton Quantity: 24

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Read the first chapter of The Crossing.

One day fractured their lives. Only God’s grace can redeem them.

An unsolved, decade-old murder holds two witnesses hostage to their memories and trapped in destructive patterns. Can the tragedy at the crossing be redeemed by the cross?

By CJ Keele

The Crossing by Serita Jakes is a very interesting story of how two worlds collide during a murder investigation. One person a friend of the coach killed on the school bus that day and another the star athlete. Both so very affected by the shooting that it changed their lives in so many ways. The dying thoughts of the victim at the first part of each chapter was excellent and really caused me to want to read more. This is a book you can't put...

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By Kelli Guilbeau

The Crossing: A Novel by Serita Jakes is a Christian work of fiction that took me totally by surprise. I like many Christian books, but many are pretty bland and aren't real page turners. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. A former cheerleader, Claudia, and former quarterback, Casio, are still dealing with the after effects of a shooting on a bus stopped at a railroad crossing 10 years ago where the bus driver and cheer...

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By Angela Holland

Why I Read This Book: I was given this book by Waterbrook Press for a fair and honest review. What I liked: I liked how this book kept you turning the page so you can find out what happens next. What I didn't Liked: I did not like how this book kept you turning the page so you have to find out what happens next. Just kidding - I liked the book. Overall Impression: I liked how this book seemed real. This story could have really happened in...

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On the way home from a high school football game, a masked gunman jumped onto the bus and opened fire, killing the cheerleading coach, BJ Remington, and injuring the star quarterback, Casio Hightower. Ten years later, Casio and his former girlfriend Claudia are still dealing with the aftermath of that terrible night. When Claudia's Assistant District Attorney husband reopens the case, the truth of what happened that night reopens old wounds...

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By Cristi Marashi

I was excited to come across The Crossing by Serita Ann Jakes. I knew when I read the summary of the book, that it would be something I would enjoy. The book is about a shooting that takes place on a school bus 10 years prior injuring a star football player, Casio Hightower, killing head cheer leading coach BJ Remington and forever changing the life of Claudia, a student and cheerleader that had a very close relationship with Remington. The...

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