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About Awakening

Stop hitting the spiritual snooze button.

Would you describe your walk with God as fresh and exciting?  Would you describe your spiritual life as vibrant and passionate?  If not, would you like these attributes to be the norm in your everyday relationship with God?
Are you ready to experience an awakening?
Awakening helps you stir up your slumbering soul.  You’ll discover how to break out of your season of dryness or get off to a great start either in the New Year or the next season in life. Take your faith-walk from a “going through the motions” or “have to” mindset to the stimulating, fresh “want to” experience of enjoying God’s presence—24/7. 
Weems encourages you to surrender fully, to discover the right kind of fuel for the journey, and to learn a new way to pray and fast. This lifestyle is not based on rules or religion, but on a deep, satisfying, motivating relationship with God.
Included in Awakening is a 21-Day Plan that will guide you through the principles that ensure a lasting, fresh relationship with God—even in a world where everything quickly becomes stale. 
“It’s time to wake up and put an end to spiritual sluggishness! I promise this year will be the best of your life if it is your best year spiritually.” – Stovall Weems


Praise for Awakening

“I began fasting as a teenager simply out of a hunger for more of God. It was during a fast that I experienced an awakening. This moment propelled me into my calling to preach the gospel. Through these pages, Pastor Stovall Weems challenges the reader to believe God for a Christian life that is not just focused on the glory of someday but on the glory of today—living in His presence, awakened by His Spirit, and walking in His purpose. Your awakening is not far off ! This book will give you the keys to your breakthrough.”
—Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel and New York Times best-selling author of Fasting: Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship with God

“There is an awakening simmering in this generation. It’s an awakening of power, integrity, and a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus. Nobody embodies these characteristics more than my friend Stovall Weems. If you want your soul to be ignited with the passion it was created to possess, you need to read this book.”
—Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church and author of Sun Stand Still

“In order to effectively lead others as a church leader, one of the most important things you will ever do is learn to lead yourself well. In Awakening, Stovall Weems shares some valuable principles to help ensure that your spiritual leadership remains healthy, vibrant, and full of the life and fire of God. The message of Awakening is one that is vital for every church leader, and I’m so glad Stovall is sharing these principles with the body of Christ. Awakening will not only encourage you today, but it will also prepare you for tomorrow.”
—John C. Maxwell, author, speaker, and founder of EQUIP Leadership Inc.

“Passion. Zeal. Authenticity. These are the characteristics that should describe the life of one who loves God. I want them to describe mine, and if this book is in your hands, then you most likely want the same. There is no one better suited for giving us insight into how to obtain all three than Stovall Weems. His enthusiasm for spiritual things is genuine and contagious. Choosing to read these pages will dramatically transform your walk with the Lord. So wipe your tired spiritual eyes and prepare for your awakening.”
—Priscilla Shirer, author and Bible teacher

“This world will never be changed by passive people. All the greatest accomplishments of humanity have come about through passionate people who weren’t afraid of what others thought or spoke of them. Awakening, my friend Stovall Weems’s book, is a wake-up call to every Christian to get off the sidelines, discover the passion inside of them, and live the extraordinary life God calls them to live.”
—John Bevere, author of Extraordinary: The Life You’re Meant to Live, speaker, and cofounder of Messenger International

“We know deep down in our hearts that we really are meant to live in an exciting, passionate, ongoing, head-over-heels relationship with Jesus, but many of us just don’t know how to maintain it. In Awakening, Stovall Weems shows us how easy it really is! Thanks for reawakening my soul through this life-changing book!”
—Robert Morris, senior pastor of Gateway Church

“If you want to experience God in a rich, powerful, and passionate way every day, then without a doubt you will want to read Awakening. Knowing God through prayer and fasting can be something that changes you forever. My friend Stovall lives this way daily, and he is revealing secrets that I’ve never seen or read before. We all need this book, and we need it now.”
—Rick Bezet, lead pastor of New Life Church, Central Arkansas

“In His own words, Jesus said that He came to earth so that we could experience an abundant life. In other words, the personal and intimate relationship we can have with God should usher in nothing short of extraordinary experiences every single day. Yet far too often, Christians find their relationship with God lacking something. In the pages of Awakening, my close friend Stovall Weems unpacks the power and potential of a revitalized and reenergized relationship with God. And he shows us exactly what it takes for us to remain alert and expectant in our faith so that we will encounter the extraordinary every day!”
—Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church and author of Outrageous, Contagious Joy

“In Awakening, Stovall Weems unpacks the timeless truth that there is power in praying and fasting. Your relationship with God will receive a jolt like you’ve never experienced before with the practical teaching that is revealed throughout this book. As you read, my prayer is that you’ll find yourself more excited than ever before about the present and future of your life.”
—Dino Rizzo, lead pastor of Healing Place Church

“Stovall Weems is a modern-day prophet. In this groundbreaking book he helps to awaken us to the fact that God wants us to live a radical, passionate Christianity. Jesus did not come to give us a religious obligation but abundant life. I was left with a renewed love and passion for Jesus and a clearer understanding of the privilege and purpose of prayer and fasting. This man lives this message, and read it at your own risk. You will never be the same.”
—Christine Caine, director of Equip and Empower Ministries and founder of The A21 Campaign

“In Awakening, Stovall Weems unpacks the timeless truth that there is power in praying and fasting. Your relationship with God will receive a jolt like you’ve never experienced before with the practical teaching that is revealed through this book, it will impact your life too. Read it and experience an awakening. As Stovall puts it, ‘After an awakening, life is never the same.’”
—John Siebeling, lead pastor of The Life Church, Memphis, Tennessee

“At a time when the moral fabric of our generation is eroding and people’s hearts are further and further away from God, Stovall Weems calls us back to God with all of our hearts. In this powerful and timely book, you’ll be both inspired and informed about the life-transforming power of prayer and fasting. This is a must-read at any stage in your walk with God.”
—Chris Hodges, senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama

About Stovall Weems

Stovall Weems is the founder and lead pastor of the multi-site Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, one of the fastest growing and largest churches in America. In addition to being a pastor, teacher, and conference speaker, Stovall is also the leader of Awakening, a 21-day spiritual campaign of prayer and fasting that takes place each January.  Stovall and his wife, Kerri, have three children, Kaylan, Stovie, and Annabelle. Learn more at

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On Sale Date: Dec 14, 2010

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