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About Torn

When Every Why Goes Unanswered
When our world comes crashing down, it does more than steal our peace. Something inside us tears. We feel broken, stranded—torn.
We naturally ask the question “Why?” when we’re hurting. But as pastor Jud Wilhite turned to the Bible in his own pain, he was surprised to discover that another question matters more: “Who?” Who is worthy of our trust when our trust when our lives are in pieces?
You may be experiencing a time of such darkness that you wonder if you will ever find “normal” again or look toward the future with hope. In Torn, Jud explores your questions as well as God’s answers—and God’s mysteries. With a pastor’s heart, he looks with you at practical ways to fight for joy, deal with anger and depression, and make the million tiny decisions that add up to a life committed to God, even when your heart is broken.
It’s not about having better arguments for the purpose behind our suffering. It’s about our relationship with God—a relationship that can flourish even when our whys go unanswered.


Praise for Jud Wilhite

“Wilhite holds nothing back as he describes the life-changing power of God’s forgiveness as it’s encountered on the streets of Vegas. Wherever hurt lives, God’s grace is present with more than enough power to heal.”
—Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life

“What God is up to in Vegas is nothing short of hard-core. Jud describes an extreme faith that is extremely amazing. With clarity and passion, Uncensored Grace offers a renewed sense of hope for whatever you are up against. Don’t miss this book.”
—Stephen Baldwin, actor and author of The Unusual Suspect

“Jud Wilhite is a compelling new voice and model for a new way to be Christian in today’s culture.”
—Gabe Lyons, author of The Next Christians

“Stripped is full of surprises and twists. It will captivate and inspire you as it describes the difference Jesus can make in your life.”
—Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ

“If you’ve given up your dreams of ever finding a genuine fresh start in your life, you ought to read this book. Real people. Real problems. Real hope. Get ready to be rocked by a fresh touch of amazing grace.”
—Gene Appel, pastor of Eastside Christian Church, Fullerton, CA

About Jud Wilhite

Jud Wilhite is an author, a speaker, and the senior pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. More than 19,000 people attend its multiple campuses each weekend. His books include Throw It Down, Eyes Wide Open, and Uncensored Grace. Wilhite and his wife, Lori, reside in the Las Vegas area with their children and a slobbery bulldog named Roxy.

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224 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Aug 16, 2011

Trim Size: 5-3/16 x 8

Carton Quantity: 24

Sneak Peek

  • Maybe the question for dark times is not “Why?” Maybe the most productive question to ask is “Who?”
Click here to download chapter one of Torn. Healing from pain is not about knowing more. It’s not about having better arguments about suffering. It’s about your relationship with God—a relationship that can grow stronger even when every why question goes unanswered. Click here to download chapter one of Torn.

By Carolyn Stark

Torn is a wonderful book leading us through the mysterious ways God works through our lives. Jud Wilhite uses both examples from the Bible and examples from modern life to teach us that we are not alone. Our problems have been seen before. Nothing is too big for God.The chapters are short, so they are easy to read. The author also repeats the main thought of each section in a sidebar. One that I especially liked was: "Nothing could be more...

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By Jay Porter

I occasionally write about books Iâ??ve recently read and enjoyed. Some of them I get for free because I blog about them and share them with you guys. Some of them Iâ??d recommend you purchasing and others not so much. Every once in a while you come across books like Torn. I enjoyed it so much a couple of months ago I shared a message at CCA called The Spark based upon Jud Wilhiteâ??s book. Torn quickly became one of my top 5 books of...

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By Erin Mifflin

"Torn: Trusting God When Life Leaves You in Pieces" is a book that reads like a candid conversation about real life hardships. It's refreshingly honest and I knew it was going to be good when I came across this gem in the very first chapter: "[...] the primary equipment you need to trust God in your pain and suffering is your pain and suffering. You already have the necessary tools; you just need the skilled hands of a loving God to...

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By Joan Nienhuis

Have you ever felt like your world was being torn apart? Did you wonder where God was in that mess of life? Jud proposes that the most important question we can ask at such a time is not Why? But Who? After that comes How? Jud spends the first part of the book on our expectations of God and life from a biblical perspective. He shows that God is worthy of our trust. God is good and loves us. He then looks at how to put life back...

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By Scott Volltrauer

Who will we trust in the calamities of life? As I read Torn by Jud Wilhite I kept having a song running through my head. Perhaps most of the audience this book might attract will not know the 90s band Soundgarden, but â??"Fell On Black Daysâ? played through my mind on repeat. â??"Fell On Black Daysâ??" Whatsoever Iâ??ve feared has Come to life Whatsoever Iâ??ve fought off Became my life Just when everyday Seemed to greet Me with...

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