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Lover of My Soul

Delighting in God's Passionate Love

Alan D. Wright

About Lover of My Soul

Every person longs to be loved, to believe someone cares for them more than life itself. By weaving the rich imagery of a wedding throughout the text, in Lover of My Soul the reader is reminded that Christ the Bridegroom loves them deeply and completely - that He gave His life as payment for their eternal joy. In the same way every bride appears as a radiant beauty on her wedding day and every groom is handsome and strong, Christ presents His all-satisfying love to anyone who will take His hand in a spiritual marriage of the heart.

About Alan D. Wright

Alan D. Wright is the senior pastor at Reynolda Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.He is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He and his wife Anne have one son, Bennett.

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216 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Jul 10, 1998

Trim Size: 6 x 9

Carton Quantity: 24