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About It Takes Respect

In this day and age it's no longer shocking to hear of an athlete who has strangled his coach or one who has been arrested for violence and drug use. One can drive down the street and see bumper stickers suggesting people "Question Authority" or "I don't lie, cheat or steal unnecessarily". Respect for authority in both professional sports and in society is at an all time low. In his book It Takes Respect, Aeneas Williams describes the biblical model for honoring and submitting to those in authority over us.

About Aeneas Williams

Aeneas Williams has been the Phoenix Cardinals' starting defensive back for seven years and has started in the Pro Bowl for the last three years. He led the NFL in interceptions in 1994 and has intercepted a record of twenty- six passes since then. He lives with his wife and daughter in Arizona.

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160 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Aug 1, 1998

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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