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Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs

Bruce Wilkinson

About Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs

It happens in almost every part of life. We wear down, burn out, and lose hope. While nothing is fail-safe, there are things you can do to halt the downward slide in your family. This book gives dynamic biblical solutions to people who are asking: - Why don't I have passion in my spiritual life? - Is it still possible to restore my marriage? - Can I raise my children to be "on fire" for God? - Where do I start? Bruce Wilkinson shows how, in the midst of a society without morals, a passionate relationship with Jesus is possible -- not just a "mountaintop experience," but an everyday vibrant relationship. This popular book is newly released with an updated cover!

About Bruce Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson is recognized as one of the world's foremost Christian teachers and speakers. He is best known, though, as the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, The Prayer of Jabez, and other bestsellers, including A Life God RewardsSecrets of the Vine, and The Dream Giver. He is the founder of WorldTeach, a global initiative to train Bible teachers in every nation. Wilkinson also founded Dream for Africa, a humanitarian agency that has taken on AIDS, orphan care, and hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. Bruce and his wife, Darlene, have three children and six grandchildren. They live outside Atlanta.

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By Denise Panter

This was a fabulous read.  I've read other work by Dr. Bruce A. Wilkerson, and so when offered the opportunity to read Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs I jumped on it.  He writes with clarity and uses Scripture as the basis for everything he lays out.  I found myself highlighting 'light bulb passages" nearly every page.  This is a book I'll go back to again and again in my daily walk with Christ; I highly recommend...

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By Robert Vince Jr

Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs is a necessary addition to any believerâ??s collection. Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinsonâ??s approach to explaining your spiritual consciousness is unique, by using the illustration of three chairs throughout this book helps simplify his message. Chair one shows your commitment to God, chair two s for those who committed to the Savior but is willing to compromise depending on each occurrence, and chair three is for...

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By Abram T Francis

Experiencing Spiritual breakthroughs is a needed book for everyone because all of us no matter what we do for living needs breakthroughs in multiple areas of life and this books helps us to identify the areas that hinders our breakthrough and helps us to move forward with our life experiencing breakthroughs in all the areas of our lives with the help of God.

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By Jimmy Leasure

This book was really incredible. If you are going through a dry patch in you spiritual walk, this is a must read. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it all. I loved the chairs illustration they used in this book. It really hits home on evaluating yourself/family. This book will guide you in many different facets of ministry and personal faith. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

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By Ruth-Anne Coates

Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs by Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson is a book based on the different levels of being a Christian. Each level is represented by a chair. The first chair is commitment the second is compromise the third is conflict. During each chapter it has three different stories on the same subject one describing each chair. It helps you with your every-day life and it tries to put you in one of the chairs. It's a very...

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