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An Honest Conversation for the Undecided

E. Glenn Wagner

About God

Why do so many of God’s followers seem to prefer their boxed-in religion over God? Listen to their rhetoric and you might wonder how a Supreme Being could be so narrow and small, so angry and unattractive.

It’s time to start over with an honest conversation instead of a box. If God does exist, there should be some clear indications of his being. And if humans bear God’s image, as the Bible indicates, then we should be able to connect with God on some level.

This book is about God, not religion. It’s about questions more than watertight answers. It’s about the experience of God more than it is about incontrovertible evidence that he exists.

God can’t be seen, but he can be found. And while he can’t be fully explained, he can be known and experienced. Religious boxes have a way of blinding us to spiritual reality. So this dialogue is all God, no box. Are you ready?


“If you’ve got your bags packed and are ready to go and incarnate the gospel in this culture, think again. Better let the books in the Dialogue of Faith series rearrange what you take with you. Already this series has shown me my desperate need to unpack some baggage and repack for the challenges of tomorrow.”
–Leonard Sweet, author of Out of the Question…Into the Mystery

“I imagine it was odd for people at the coffee shop to see me, a former nfl player, weeping as I read this manuscript. In this book, Glenn Wagner pierces the hearts and enlightens the minds of honest seekers as he warmly invites them into a conversation about God.”
–Derwin L. Gray, NFL veteran and founder of One Heart at a Time Ministries

“In the current transition from a modern to a postmodern world, many of us are struggling to find a new way to talk about God. Glenn Wagner cuts a clear path for us to follow–affirmative relationships, understanding people in their contexts, putting ourselves into their shoes. In today’s world people will respond to this kind of God-conversation.”
–Robert Webber, author of Ancient-Future Faith and The Younger Evangelicals

About E. Glenn Wagner

E. Glenn Wagner is president of FutureLead, an organization committed to equipping people to live and lead with purpose and passion. He is a former pastor and also served as vice-president and minister at large for Promise Keepers. He holds a Ph.D. in religion and society from Oxford Graduate School and a D.Min. from Northwest Graduate School. Wagner is the author of numerous books, including Escape from Church, Inc. and The Church You’ve Always Wanted. He and his wife, Susan, have two children and live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

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