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Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

Are Urban Legends & Sunday School Myths Ruining Your Faith?

Larry Osborne

About Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

In this delightfully personal and practical book, respected Bible teacher Larry Osborne confronts ten widely held beliefs that are both dumb and dangerous. 

People don’t set out to build their faith upon myths and spiritual urban legends. But somehow such falsehoods keep showing up in the way that many Christians think about life and God. These goofy ideas and beliefs are assumed by millions to be rock-solid truth... until life proves they’re not. The sad result is often a spiritual disaster: confusion, feelings of betrayal, a distrust of Scripture, loss of faith, anger toward both the church and God.

But it doesn’t have to be so. Respected Bible teacher Larry Osborne confronts ten widely held beliefs that are both dumb and dangerous, including:

• Faith can fix anything
• God brings good luck
• Forgiving means forgetting
• Everything happens for a reason
• A godly home guarantees good kids

Get ready to be shocked, relieved, and inspired in the pages of Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. Because the truth is meant to set us free—not hurt us.


“Ever since I read The Unity Factor almost twenty years ago, Larry Osborne has been my mentor from afar. Now that Larry is writing books again, he is quickly becoming a go-to author for me, because he speaks my language and deals with my issues. I read everything he writes!”
–Pete Briscoe, senior pastor, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship and author of Christianity: A Follower’s Guide and Secrets from the Treadmill

“A very liberating read, as well as one that will surely deepen your trust in God. Larry takes apart ten commonly held beliefs that don’t make sense . . . because they aren’t true!”
–Russ Carroll, CEO, Miva Merchant

“In Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, Larry Osborne dismantles many of the ideas that have derailed the faith of sincere Christians for far too long. Larry has the rare capacity to communicate difficult truths in a way that ignites the imagination and disarms the soul. I strongly recommend this book to anyone seeking to develop a deeper and more nuanced faith.”
–Scott Chapman, senior pastor, The Chapel, Illinois

“Larry Osborne never fails to compel me to think with greater precision. Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe challenges us to reevaluate what we can so glibly believe and come away with a faith that we can deeply admire.”
–Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, author of The Divine Mentor, Doing Church As a Team, and The Life Journal

“I recommend anything that Larry Osborne writes. In reviewing Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, I see that he’s hit another homer! In Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, Larry unshackles our souls from things that threaten to destroy us. I’m confident your life will be better after reading this book!”
–Ron Forseth, vice president, Outreach, Inc., and general editor,

“Larry Osborne’s Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe will help new believers and seasoned Christians alike. People often believe what they’ve heard without knowing why. Larry pierces through widely accepted spiritual legends with common sense and scriptural precision.”
–Craig Groeschel, pastor of and author of Confessions of a Pastor

“This is Larry Osborne at his best: scripturally sound, brutally honest, and dripping with grace. He has the guts to blow up myths that have lingered for far too long. Whether you’ve been reading your Bible for years or just bought your first one yesterday, you should listen to this gracious, but straightforward, wisdom.”
–Greg Holden, pastor, Windsor Crossing Community Church, Chesterfield, Missouri

“This book will liberate you from faulty assumptions about God and life that keep us trapped or looking like naive fools. Larry Osborne has brought practical and biblical wisdom to bear on some beliefs that we never should have held and that have always confused us. His chapters on forgiving and on judging alone are worth the price of the book.”
–Mel Lawrenz, senior pastor, Elmbrook Church and author of I Want to Believe
“This is a very important book that has needed to be written for a very long time. With patience and clarity, Larry clearly dissects the erroneous beliefs that masquerade as faith. He helps us wade through the nonsense–inaccurate and misguided ideas we cling to–and guides us to an understanding that results in a winsome, authentic faith . . . the kind of faith we all long for.”
–Nancy Ortberg, founding partner, Teamworkx2 and author of Looking for God

“Larry Osborne blends pastoral experience and counterintuitive wisdom that will frustrate (in a good way), challenge, and encourage you as you seek to walk with God for a lifetime.”
–Darrin Patrick, pastor, The Journey, St. Louis, Missouri

“Filled with common sense from the heart of a California pastor, this is a well-written and entirely biblical look at often-misunderstood principles in Scripture. Not only have I found it helpful in my own life, but also I have been able to use it effectively in discipling others. The great illustrations throughout the book have made the principles clear and easy to grasp. The game plan illustration relating to God’s will is worth the price of the book alone.”
–Steve Potratz, president, Parable Christian Stores and The Parable Group

“I remember exactly where I was sitting when I first heard my friend Larry Osborne explode the myth that faith fixes everything. I was in San Diego for vacation and had stopped in for a visit to North Coast Church. I was there to learn the inner workings of the church but walked away with a new insight into my faith. Since that time, Larry has taught me much about the dumb things that smart Christians believe (and even a few lessons about dumb things that smart pastors believe). You’ll find one ‘aha’ moment after another in this book. I’m buying copies for all our small-group leaders.”
–Nelson Searcy, lead pastor, The Journey Church (New York City)

“Larry Osborne takes us through years of misunderstandings that have been handed down from generation to generation, from Sunday school class to Sunday school class. In today’s jambalaya mix of spirituality, Larry helps spiritual seekers and misinformed churchgoers sort through what is true and what is ridiculous. Whether it’s in the barbershop or the halls of traditional church, there are myths circulating . . . and now Larry brings the light and balance of Scripture to enlighten the misinformed.”
–Stacy Spencer, senior pastor, New Direction Christian Church, Memphis, Tennessee

“Larry’s commonsense approach in addressing widely held, but incorrect, spiritual beliefs bring clarity and sanity–finally! The chapters on forgiveness and parenting struck a particular chord with me. Larry is a wise pastor, gifted in teaching the Scriptures in a way that makes biblical truth accessible and understandable. I highly recommend this book to those familiar with the Christian faith and to those who aren’t.”
–Linda Stanley, director, Next Generation Pastors Leadership Community, Leadership Network

“Larry Osborne pulls no punches in Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. He brings clarity and biblical insight to commonly misunderstood ideas. With books like these, Christians will believe fewer stupid things that damage their own spiritual journeys. Ten Dumb Things is worth reading and sharing.”
–Ed Stetzer, co-author of Compelled by Love,

“Larry Osborne gives wise counsel for all Christians. It’s hard to put down once you start reading. It will influence and impact your core beliefs.”
–Tim Stripe, co-owner, Grand Pacific Resorts, Carlsbad, California

“I couldn’t put Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe down once I started reading it. I know many Christians have the same issues Larry addresses with gentle clarity to correct our thinking and behaviors. A great book for new and serious believers alike.”
–Dave Travis, managing director of Leadership Network and author of Beyond Megachurch Myths and Beyond the Box: Innovative Churches That Work

“Smart Christians can fall for a lot of dumb beliefs. I hadn’t considered how many ’til I read this book chock-full of sensible observations, disarming illustrations, and compelling scriptural insights. Larry makes you laugh while he makes you think.”
–Ken Werlein, founding pastor of Faithbridge Church, Houston, Texas

“This is a great book. It’s a life-changing message the world needs to hear. Everyone should buy one and read it.”
–Carolyn Osborne, Larry’s mom

About Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne is a pastor, author and leadership consultant. He has a passion for helping Christian leaders in both the secular and church world succeed and fulfill their God-given calling. Since 1980, he has served as a senior pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA. During that time, North Coast has grown from a fledging group of 128 meeting in a high school cafeteria to a multi-site church with over 12,000 in weekend attendance. Larry has a passion for leadership, spiritual formation, and discipleship. As a nationally recognized trainer of pastors, leaders, and church planters, he travels extensively, speaking at conferences and mentoring events.
His books include: Thriving in Babylon, Accidental Pharisees, A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God, 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, Sticky Teams, Sticky Church, Sticky Leaders, Lead Like a Shepherd, Mission Creep, and The Unity Factor. Larry holds both a Master of Divinity and Doctorate degree from Talbot Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Oceanside, CA. They have three married children and an increasing number of grandchildren.

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