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SNEAK PEEK: I Am Not But I Know I Am (Trade Paperback) by Louie Giglio

God is looking for ordinary people to play significant roles in His story.

Click here to download chapter one of I Am Not But I Know I Am trade paperback edition. 

Our God is more expansive and powerful than we could ever imagine, the all-mighty creator of galaxies beyond our reach. But He is also the loving creator who has formed and fashioned you.  Yet, as valuable as you are to Him, God’s best for your life is to invite you into a story that is all about Him.

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SNEAK PEEK: The Radical Question and A Radical Idea by David Platt

Challenge the Status Quo

Read the first chapter of The Radical Question and A Radical Idea two-in-one book.

The Radical Question offers a compelling introduction to Radical’s challenge to the contemporary church. In this concise message, Platt asks, “What is Jesus worth to you?” Then he explores what a commitment to Jesus would actually look like in action. [ … ]