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SNEAK PEEK: The Ale Boy’s Feast by Jeffrey Overstreet

The king is missing.
His promises lie in ruins.
His people are trapped as the woods turn deadly.
Underground, the boy called Rescue has found an escape.

 Click here to download chapter one of The Ale Boy’s Feast.

The Ale Boy’s Feast is the stunning conclusion to The Auralia Thread, which began with the critically-acclaimed Auralia’s Colors and continued through Cyndere’s Midnight and Raven’s Ladder . The woman whose colors collapsed a kingdom may be the redemption of the Abascar people and their king.

Click here to download chapter one of The Ale Boy’s Feast.

SNEAK PEEK: The Daughter’s Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick

A mother’s tragedy, a daughter’s desire and the 7000 mile journey that changed their lives. 

 Click here to download chapter one of The Daughter’s Walk.

In 1896, in order to save the family farm, Clara Estby reluctantly accompanies her mother on a cross-country journey that redefines a mother’s tragedy and a daughter’s desire. Over two decades, friends and faith help Clara move through a family betrayal and into a future of her own design.  But will the tentacles of the past keep her from finding the real joy in forgiveness?

Click here to download chapter one of The Daughter’s Walk.

SNEAK PEEK: The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

Sometimes the first casualty…is the truth.

Click here to download chapter one of The Corruptible.

Ray Quinn is a tough, quick-witted former-detective-turned-PI hired to find a corporate security officer who’s made off with confidential client information. Or so he’s told. When Ray finds the officer dead in a motel he begins to wonder who the good guys really are—and at what price his soul can be bought.

Click here to download chapter one of The Corruptible.

SNEAK PEEK: The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey


Click here to download the first chapter of The Signature of God now.

No matter how loudly the skeptics argue against Christian faith, only one conclusion makes sense: the Bible is God-breathed. You can believe every word, every claim, every prophecy, and every miracle. With no doubts.

SNEAK PEEK: Never the Bride by Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay

Thirty-something single Jessie accuses God of failing to set up her love story. He faces the charges—in person. But God won’t write Jessie’s romance until she surrenders her pen.

Download the first Chapter of Never the Bride by Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay

SNEAK PEEK: The Male Factor by Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti Feldhahn, best-selling author of For Women Only, applies her innovative research approach to the interactions of men and women in the workplace in order to inform women on how to make better choices.

 If you’re a woman and you’d like to begin to understand the unwritten rules, misperceptions, and secret beliefs of men that impact your work life, download the first chapter of The Male Factor.

SNEAK PEEK: Primal by Mark Batterson

AMO DEI. LOVE GOD. Nothing is more important.

Download and read the first chapter of Primal.

What would your Christianity look like if it was stripped down to the simplest, rawest, purest faith possible? You would have more, not less.

This book is an invitation to become part of a reformation movement. It is an invitation to rediscover the compassion, wonder, curiosity, and energy that turned the world upside down two thousand years ago. It is an invitation to be astonished again by the Greatest Commandment.

Click here: Download and read the first chapter of Primal.

SNEAK PEEK: Dug Down Deep

What will you build your life on?

After asking himself this probing question, Joshua Harris delved deep into his own beliefs. With great transparency, wisdom and grace, Joshua shares his own findings to inspire you to revel in the truth that has captured his mind and heart. He asks you to dig deep into a faith so solid you can build your life on it. He points you to something to believe in again.

Download and read the powerful first chapter of Harris’s latest book.

SNEAK PEEK: You Were Born for This

What would happen if millions of ordinary people walked out each morning expecting God to deliver a miracle through them to a person in need?

You Were Born for This starts with the dramatic premise that everyone—at all times—is in need of a miracle, and that God is ready to meet those needs…

Download/Read Chapter One