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DOWNLOAD: God Gave Us series discussion guide

If you’re familiar with Lisa T. Bergren’s God Gave Us books, you know that she has a knack for tackling tough and timely issues in a way that children can understand and resonate with. Now, for the first time, we’re offering a discussion guide for parents to help delve deeper into the themes of the series with their children.

Click Here to Download the Discussion Guide 

DOWNLOAD: Healing Truths to Remember from Kay Arthur

pdf_1002Where Can You Turn for Hope When the Hurt Runs Deep?

Discover the Life-Preserving Words from God: Persevere. Endure. Exult.

These are three good verbs from God’s Word. They are words that describe the path God desires for every one of His sons and daughters…even when the hurt runs deep. It is faith, beloved, that preserves your soul, your life. Dig deep into the Word of God so that you might know and understand who God is, know and believe what He says, and then live accordingly.

To get started, download Healing Truths to Remember, excerpted from When the Hurt Runs Deep.

Sample study questions to further your journey of healing through the study of God’s Word. Download here.


Read the first chapter of If God Is Good Study Guide.

Dive Into a Thorough Exploration of God’s Goodness

A companion guide to Randy Alcorn’s examination of evil,suffering, and God’s goodness, If God is Good.

Designed for both individual and group use, this guide is adaptable to whatever schedule and approach is most convenient–from a four-week overview, to an exploratory eight-week journey, to an intensive thirteen-week course. Capturing highlights and signficant insights from If God is Good, let this book be your practical guide to a perplexing topic.

SNEAK PEEK: Being God’s Man in Tough Times

Click here to download the first session of this Bible Study!

David was to be the future king of Israel. And yet, the journey to that goal was filled with dangers, delays, and difficulties.  Just like David, every man has a dream of who he wants to become. But getting there is a different story. Hardships and losses can destroy the faith–and even the life–of a man. In this Bible study for men, learn to become one who knows how to embrace hardship and learn to mine it for God’s purposes to see his godly dreams come true.

Click here to download the first session of this Bible Study!

DISCUSSION GUIDE: How Christianity Died in America

Download the discussion guide

The Last Christian – a novel by David Gregory – is more than a thrilling, gripping, can’t-put-it-down work of fiction. It’s also a serious call to action for all believers to consider the reason for the decline in Christianity in America in the 21st Century.

In Chapter 18 David beautifully summarizes and challenges Christians to consider the five causes for the decline and demise of Christianity through Creighton Daniels – a professor teaching the lesson in the year 2088 to one of his classes.

Read chapter 18. At the end of the reading are discussion questions that can be used in your Bible study, reading group, small group or church.

Take a few minutes and read through chapter 18 now.

Download the discussion guide

SNEAK PEEK: The Last Christian by David Gregory

What does this nation without God look like? A startling “what-if” look at the end of Christianity in America…

Download the first chapter of The Last Christian here.

A.D. 2088. Science is removing God from America—one person at a time. Can the faith of one woman bring restoration? In this futuristic thriller, one woman takes on  the seemingly-impossible task of re-introducing the Christian faith in  late twenty-first century, secular America—and rescuing the planet from spiritual oblivion. 

Download the first chapter of The Last Christian here.


Download the discussion guide for Start Here.

One of the great things God is doing through the Rebelution is uniting young people to do hard things together. So as you start (or continue) doing hard things, get together with friends and talk about what it looks like to do hard things right where God has placed you.  Use these questions from the book START HERE as a jumping off point.