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About Prayer

Want More for Your Prayer Life!

Few areas of the Christian life inspire more resolutions--or create more guilt--than prayer. Most of us share the longing expressed by Jesus' disciples, "Lord, teach us to pray." Like them, we see a depth and reality in Jesus' relationship with the Father that makes us restless for something more.

The wonderful news is that Scripture is filled with guidance for talking with God. As we study and apply its teaching, our own prayer life will become intimate and fruitful, daily growing more like the prayers of Jesus.

12 Sessions for Individuals or Groups

Fisherman Bible Studyguides include:

. Penetrating questions that generate discussion.
. Flexible format for groups or individual needs.
. Helpful leader's notes.
. Emphasis on daily application of Bible truth.

About Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones is the author of several books on prayer and spiritual life, including Nurturing Your Child’s Soul, The Art of Prayer, and Celebration of Angels. Currently the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Halifax, Virginia, Tim previously served as the dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina. A speaker and leader of retreats around the country, he enjoys finding creative approaches to daunting spiritual truths, making them more inviting and accessible.

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