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The Divine Defense

Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles

Robert Jeffress

About The Divine Defense

It’s what you can’t see that can hurt you

The temptation that regularly assaults you, the depression or illness that pulls you down, the discord in your relationships, the private doubts you harbor about God…

These are not just a natural part of life–they’re battles in a behind-the-scenes war against your faith, family, and future. From a balanced perspective, Robert Jeffress lifts the curtain of everyday existence to reveal these invisible but very real battles in the war Satan wages against followers of Christ like you.

Because you don’t have to be spiritual road kill…

Using the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6, The Divine Defense outlines six practical strategies you can use through every day to defeat Satan’s vicious and destructive plan:

·Recognize and replace destructive thoughts (the belt of truth)
·Do what you know you should do (the breastplate of righteousness)
·Make God’s business your business (boots of the gospel of peace)
·Move forward in spite of doubts (the shield of faith)
·Remember your power to win (the helmet of salvation)
·Strengthen your resolve to resist (the sword of the spirit)

Together, these strategies form The Divine Defense that will help you live victoriously in the unshakable power of God.


Praise for The Divine Defense

“In The Divine Defense, Robert Jeffress equips the believer with a clear and practical battle strategy for the ideals we hold sacred. I highly recommend this latest from one of Christianity’s leading pastor-teachers.”
Dr. Ed Young, pastor, Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and author of Romancing the Home and The Ten Commandments of Marriage

“If you can only read one book in 2006, this is it, and for all your remaining years of spiritual service, you will be glad you did.”
Chaplain (COL) Gil A. Stricklin, USA, Retired, founder and president, Marketplace Chaplains USA and International

“Suit up and step up! Robert Jeffress has written a book about truths that should be both in our heads and hearts to prepare us for spiritual battle. Intensively biblical. Useful in the day-by-day. This is one book I’m sure to reread on numerous occasions.”
Dr. Mark L. Bailey, president, Dallas Theological Seminary

“A balanced look at spiritual warfare, giving us a concrete plan for success in the spirit realm. Dr. Jeffress pulls back the curtain and helps us see that high stakes battle raging in the ‘fifth dimension,’ and The Divine Defense shows how we can keep Satan on the run as we wage the spirit wars!”
Randy Singer, author of The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ and its companion novel, The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney

“Struggling with life’s challenges? The Divine Defense is the answer! Robert Jeffress identifies the enemy, exposes his strategies, reinforces our defenses, and motivates us to victory. Don’t miss this book with what you need to know to win–and win big!”
Dr. Ed Hindson, assistant chancellor, Liberty University

“Robert Jeffress has provided a great resource for Christians living in a fast-paced world. You will be reminded as to the why of the distress in and around you as well as the how to mute the agitation. The truth is our enemy doesn’t have a prayer–and this book will help you practice that truth.”
Neil Atkinson, author of The Shrewd Christian

“A biblical and balanced approach to dealing with Satan and defeating spiritual enemies. This book is a call to arms that we may experience true victory in Jesus.”
Dr. Jack Graham, pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, and author with Chuck Norris of A Man of God

“Dr. Robert Jeffress has done it again. He provides The Divine Defense available to every believer–and he does so in a captivating and strategic manner with positive application. As in the old and oft repeated hymn, The Divine Defense will lead you to ‘Put on the gospel armor; each piece put on with prayer.’ ”
Dr. O.S. Hawkins, president, GuideStone Financial Resources

“In an age that either denies the existence of Satan and his cohorts or is overly fascinated with and engaged in the occult, Robert Jeffress provides the Church with a sober, sensible, practical, Bible-based manual full of practical steps to find victory over demonic protagonists.”
Dr. Eugene H. Merrill, distinguished professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“In all too many cases, books dealing with spiritual warfare tend to learn toward the superficial of the bizarre. The Divine Defense, however, goes right to the heart of the biblical text and deals with the spiritual warfare that is at the very center of the Christian life, describing the reality of the battle but pointing to the victory achieved through Jesus Christ. Robert Jeffress is a skilled pastor, careful thinker, and insightful writer. This is an important book for our times and the church.”
Dr. Al Mohler, president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dr. Robert Jeffress is always a great read: biblically sound, theologically correct. His work on spiritual warfare The Divine Defense will not disappoint. It’s balanced, avoids the extremes so rampant in this area of study, and gives practical steps to enable Christians to avoid Satan’s schemes to destroy believers.”
Dr. Jerry Vines, founder Jerry Vines Ministries

“The devil is a formidable foe, but he is a defeated one. I welcome Dr. Robert Jeffress’ new book on biblical strategies to keep Satan from getting the better of us.”
Dr. D. James Kennedy, senior minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

The Divine Defense is Robert Jeffress’ most theological book thus far. Yet, it contains the same helpful perspective and readability that will make it an invaluable resource for lay people and pastors as well.”
Dr. Paige Patterson, president, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Some evangelical authors and media personalities easily slip into non-biblical extremism when searching for a handle on how to respond to evil principalities–promoting microwave-like, quickie solutions for life’s challenges. But the Bible is not silent or simplistic about substantive solutions for spiritual warfare, and Robert Jeffress clearly and concisely delineates those solutions, never losing his balance. Jeffress offers a message of practical hope that helps a person understand the spiritual equipment in the arsenal of a follower of Christ; Jeffress explains that God offers much more than mere ‘hopeso’-ism or ‘whatever.’ God offers to people who trust him, the reality of life in his kingdom; The Divine Defense will assist believers with the process of bringing the Light to the darkness.”
John L. Yeats, director of communications for the Louisiana Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention recording secretary

About Robert Jeffress

Dr. Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, a Fox News contributor, and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the host of Pathway to Victory, a daily radio and television program reaching over 195 countries. Dr. Jeffress is the author of more than twenty-five books, including Clutter-Free ChristianityWhen Forgiveness Doesn’t Make Sense, and The Divine Defense.

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