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Church Girl

A Gospel Vision to Encourage and Challenge Black Christian Women

Sarita T. Lyons

About Church Girl

Reignite your purpose in Christ, restore your dignity, heal your pain, transform your rest, and learn how to flourish in today’s secular world as a Black Christian woman—from Bible teacher, speaker, and psychotherapist Dr. Sarita Lyons.

Black women are the hidden figures in the church. Despite at times being rendered invisible, uninvited, and unprotected in a racist and sexist world, they are valued image-bearers and influential instruments in God’s redemptive plan.

Church Girl invites you, as a Black woman, on a journey from the garden to the present day. Your unique story as a Black woman lies within the grand narrative of Scripture, and the message of the gospel is the light, lens, and love you need to help you see and live as God intends.

Church Girl helps answer some of your most internal pressing questions:

  • How do I understand my identity in light of Scripture?
  • How should I think about my purpose?
  • How can I thrive despite the opposition from racism and sexism?
  • How are Black women hurt in the church and how can I heal?
  • Why am I always exhausted from working and where can I find real peace and rest?
  • How can I flourish in a secular world and live out my faith with conviction and integrity?

With compassion and wisdom, Dr. Sarita Lyons invites Black women to tackle the unique issues they face in the church with prophetic boldness, priestly compassion, a church leader’s wisdom, a counselor's insight, and a sister's relatability and love.

About Sarita T. Lyons

Dr. Sarita T. Lyons is a wife, mother, speaker, women’s leader, bible teacher, and psychotherapist. She is on staff at Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia as the Director of Discipleship and Women’s Ministry. Prior to full-time ministry, Dr. Lyons was in private practice for nine years, where she provided counseling for individuals, families, couples, and groups for a variety of psychological needs. She is a highly sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate organizations, and educational institutions around the country.

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On Sale Date: Aug 20, 2024

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