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Beneath the Swirling Sky

Carolyn Leiloglou

Part of the The Restorationists Series

About Beneath the Swirling Sky

A house full of paintings, a missing sister, and a family secret send a boy and his cousin into a world where art is the key in this fantasy adventure perfect for fans of The Wingfeather Saga and Pages & Co.

After an experience he’d rather forget, Vincent is determined to be done with art. So when he and his little sister, Lili, spend spring break with their art conservator great-uncle, Vincent's plan is to stay glued to his phone.

That is, until Lili disappears into one of the world's most famous paintings and Vincent learns his parents have been hiding something from him: Their family is the last of The Restorationists, a secret society with the power to travel through paintings—and a duty to protect them from evil forces.

With Lili’s safety on the line, leaving art behind is no longer an option. Vincent must team up with his know-it-all second-cousin Georgia, wrestle with why his parents lied to him, and confront both his past and a future he never wanted. Young readers are invited into a captivating universe where paintings become a portal—and adventure and danger lurk beyond every canvas.


“This carefully composed story is certain to captivate and delight your creative kids.”—S. D. Smith, author of The Green Ember series
“A truly absorbing tale that drew me into the colorful and mysterious world, kindling my imagination—and heart—all along the way.”—Scott James, author of The Sower, The Littlest Watchman, The Expected One, and Where Is Wisdom?
“A captivating story that paints relatable childhood struggles against a background of brilliant adventure.”—James D. Witmer, managing editor of Story Warren and author of A Year in the Big Old Garden and The Strange New Dog

Product Details

320 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Sep 12, 2023

Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Carton Quantity: 12

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The first in an exciting new fantasy trilogy about the power of art and the artist, Beneath the Swirling Sky invites middle-grade readers into a captivating universe where paintings become a portal to a new worldand where adventure and danger lurk beyond every canvas.